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Out of Memory by opening Module list


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Hello Comunity,


over night (without changing anything i know) iam not able to access to the Module list.

Iam getting this Error:


[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_templatebase:
Out of memory (allocated 35651584) (tried to allocate 755185 bytes)


ive tryed to increases the Memory limit already in the root folder php.ini  and in the module folder but its still there.

I dont have an Module called smarty_internal_templatebase, so iam not able to make their changes.


Does someone know any soloution?


Thank you,


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according to the message, you only have 35,651,584 bytes of memory (about 36mb) allocated to PHP.  That is way too low.  You need to find a way to increase that, my guess is that the change you are making to php.ini is wrong, or your hosting provider is configured to ignore it

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