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Product image not updated when feature changes


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I have a product with some attributes, and I added different images depending on the features. 

The problem is that when I'm making tests, it's not working:

when I choose an attribute (I change the color on the product page), the image is not updated. 

For example, when I choose the color blue for the shoe, the image remains the default image, and not the blue image.


Could anyone help me please ?

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Hello NemoPS, thanks for answering. 

I can't give you the site's URL, only in MP because it's still on develpment server and I'm not allowed to share it.

What do you mean about properly selected ? 

Each combination has its own picture if that's what you mean. 

And yes, I'm using a custom template that I bought.

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It might be the template, can you see if you have any js error when you switch combo?
By properly selected I mean in the back office, combinations tab of the product, I guess you checked the ones you want there
Prestashop version?

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