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Prestashop Tax Rounding in the Opposite Direction (USA/WI)?


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An invoice totals: $194.25

Tax based on customer zipcode = 5.5% (WI State @ 5.0% combined with WI Dane County @ 0.5%) Correct

Actual Math = 194.25 * 0.055 = 10.68375

Prestashop Tax = $10.69 (rounded up?) INCORRECT

Our company's POS System calculation = $10.68 (rounded down) Correct


Then also, a second example:


An invoice with total: $257.25

Tax based on customer zipcode = 5.6% (WI State = 5.0%, Milwaukee County = 0.6%) Correct

Actual Math = 257.25 * 0.056 = 14.406

Prestashop tax = $14.40 (this time it rounded down???) INCORRECT

Our company's POS system calculation = $14.41 Correct


Prestashop Version

We're using the "recommended" rounding to round up when half way.

Tax rules are set to combine.

A 25% off voucher has been applied to these invoices.

Removing the voucher has no effect. The tax is still incorrectly rounded.

Invoices that come out to 2 decimal places or less in tax amount work correctly (no rounding involved).

I've also checked for PHP updates and updated to the latest PHP 5.6 on the server today.

Upgraded to Prestashop - problem persists.

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