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  1. Hello, I have gotten a task from my boss to help a customer on his PrestaShop. The current problem I have encountered is that I get the wrong price to the different customers and have gotten to hold after hours of searching, trial, and error, with no success. I have asked my colleagues for help and they are at a blank too ( just to notice I'm an apprentice/intern ) For example, when not logged in the normal price is shown and then there is the discount product which is correctly shown images are in danish When logged in I get instead 10% on the same product It's meant to take the best discount 600.00 DKK but is instead taking 10% for the member discount. I have found some articles from 2014 where they override the standard code to get a discount, but think there should have been an easy way inside the back panel to do it easily. The rules for the product are like Hope there is some already built function, so I don't need to spend much more time getting the right product, I like to code but the customer is paying by the hour.
  2. Hello, Just updated to PS 1.7.6.x and added a few new products. All products name on frontend are ok, but in backend i don't know which one is which because all their names are wrong, something like "copy of YYY product". And all have the same name. How to solve this bug? Is their a solution for this? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking for a solution to a problem that I noticed recently. When I search with a reference number on the website I made with PrestaShop, it gives me endless results. It doesn't only show the product itself, but also a lot of other products. Is there a way to fix this? You can see in the screenshot below, that when i search for a specific product reference, the result is 377 different products that have different references from the one I am searching. PS: This only happens with some products, not with all of them.
  4. I am using prestashop 1.6 I am using the same CMS image inserted Inside the description section of the product page of many products with our store. I need to update this image with new content and I need this new image to appear as a replacement of the original one inside all the products descriptions were it was originally inserted. However when I replace the original image with a new one located in the same folder in the server and using the new name, this new image does not appear on the products page, the old one is still displayed. I have closed and empty all the caches but it does not change anything. The original image is the only one appearing on the front and back end despite the fact it was deleted / replaced with another one what can Indi please ?
  5. Hi everyone, guys. I have a problem with the site's internal search engine. I have a Prestashop. Since I have migrated from the internal search for the products is wrong. Before it was much more precise in finding the results. Addition in addition to the article that I want to search, the research shows almost all the products in the category to which the product belongs and not only. For example: if I look for "Prexport Boots" in addition to the shoes and boots of the brand Prexport I also find all the products of the brand such as jackets and vests also also finds me other products that have nothing to do with the words typed. It did not happen before. Another example: Typing the word "women's jacket", in addition to showing the women's jackets, also shows those for men. This should not happen because in the tags and in the title I was very precise in the difference between man and woman. Looking on the Forum, I found that someone has solved by deleting and resetting Tags. I have deleted all previous tags and product by product I have recreated them all. but the problem continues. Does anyone know how I can fix this annoying problem?
  6. Prestashop - we having wrong price calculations on some products and correct on the others. Is it a bug ? Any idea how to fix that? It is extremely frustrating and expensive one.
  7. Hi there I am trying to help a client move over to a new accounting system, but without having to change cart system. So I found an integration provider that could connect the new accounting system to the webshop. But the integration provider stops orders with wrong tax calculation (wich they should), but this problem is a bit unique: When Prestashop calculates the tax of the shipping, wich in my case is 25%, it rounds the total incl. tax. How it should look: 199 * 1.25 = 248.750000 What Prestashop calculates: 199 * 1.25 = 249.000000 And that in turn gives a wrong total that the customer is paying. They should be paying: 3,112 * 1.25 = 3,890.000000 But they end up paying 3,890.250000 Does anyone know which file and/or line that rounds the shipping price, or have any suggestions to how else I could solve this? Thank you.
  8. Estoy desesperado con este error: Cuando cambio el estado de un pedido la hora que registra el backoffice tiene 6 horas adelante (asumo una hora por defecto GMT) pero cuando hago el cambio desde el front office (con un modulo para cambiar estados) o con un modulo para hacer cambio de estados desde el teléfono o incluso cuando los mismos clientes hacen el pedido la hora es registrada ¡correctamente! me estoy volviendo loco y ahora busco ayuda de un profesional. La zona horaria esta elegida correctamente desde el backoffice. ENGLISH: I am desperate with this error: When I change the status of an order the time that registers the backoffice has 6 hours ahead (I assume an hour by default GMT) but when I make the change from the front office (with a module to change states) or with a module to change status from the phone or even when the same customers make the order the time is registered correctly! I'm going crazy and now I'm looking for help from a professional. The time zone is chosen correctly from the backoffice. Prestashop version
  9. An invoice totals: $194.25 Tax based on customer zipcode = 5.5% (WI State @ 5.0% combined with WI Dane County @ 0.5%) Correct Actual Math = 194.25 * 0.055 = 10.68375 Prestashop Tax = $10.69 (rounded up?) INCORRECT Our company's POS System calculation = $10.68 (rounded down) Correct Then also, a second example: An invoice with total: $257.25 Tax based on customer zipcode = 5.6% (WI State = 5.0%, Milwaukee County = 0.6%) Correct Actual Math = 257.25 * 0.056 = 14.406 Prestashop tax = $14.40 (this time it rounded down???) INCORRECT Our company's POS system calculation = $14.41 Correct Prestashop Version We're using the "recommended" rounding to round up when half way. Tax rules are set to combine. A 25% off voucher has been applied to these invoices. Removing the voucher has no effect. The tax is still incorrectly rounded. Invoices that come out to 2 decimal places or less in tax amount work correctly (no rounding involved). I've also checked for PHP updates and updated to the latest PHP 5.6 on the server today. Upgraded to Prestashop - problem persists.
  10. Hi I have installed PS with main language German for administration. In Languages I set two other languages, French and Italian. Now on the dashboard the widget "activities" and "dashboard" are in french, all the rest in german. In some other parts french is also displayed. Why? Could anyone help me to fix that? Regards Urs
  11. On the front of my site, bottom left module, has links to the latest blog entries. When I click on the only blog entry I have added it takes to me a product page and not the blog entry. https://www.monzaautoparts.com/en/ Actual blog link: https://www.monzaautoparts.com/en/blog/1957-blackwidow-el-morocco-b3.html Link that loads: https://www.monzaautoparts.com/en/sg-tool-aid/1957-open-barrel-crimping-tool.html You can paste the actual blog link in a browser and get the same behavior (forwards to the same product page). Prestashop
  12. Dear friends, I'm configuring my Prestashop (, theme default-bootstrap version 1.0) and suddenly a part of banners and texts is being displayed significantly smaller, than before (good to see on the lower part of screenshot). I've tried already to clean cash (also in the theme) and to switch off cash and turn on "force compilation", but no results. The only reason I can think of is removing (then putting back) page "index" in PREFERENCES/SEO&URL just before it appeared (was attempt to remove "/index.php?" from the address line) Do somebody have any idea how to fix wrong display? Many thanks in advance Albert
  13. Hello! So i'm using prestashop Default carriercompare module for that version shows prices correctly only when user is authenticated So I updated to the newest version of this module from svn, but this module shows correct prices only when user is NOT logged in. I have two carriers, one offers pickup in store and it is free, but second is not. Configuration Handling charges: 0 Free shipping starts at: 75 Free shipping starts at: 0 kg First carrier price range: 0-1000 Euros and it's 0 Second carrier price range: 0-1000 Euros and it's 5 I have made 3 new zones and not using default ones. Pick up in store is aviable for all zones, but second option is only for 1 zone wich depends on state you are located. I've managed to locate the problem to this Cart::simulateCarriersOutput function When user is logged in it returns both free, but when not logged in it returns correctly one for free, second for 5 euros. Where could be the problem in this case? Thank you!
  14. Hello, since I updated from to, my retail price are wrong on a product page when a discount is activated.... If a deactivated the specific discount... then the retail price is wrong on the product page but not in the product list... ps: i'm using combination. ps2: but if product list page is right with retail price, I don't see why product page is wrong. Thanks in advance for your help, see 2 attached files.
  15. I have a question, I have deleted all the default orders, messages, customers etc.... but the activitie overview changes every time i refresh the page (website is in maintenance mode) ACTIVITY OVERVIEW Online Visitors in the last 15 minutes 31 Active Shopping Carts in the last 15 minutes 3 Currently Pending Orders 3 Return/Exchanges 0 Abandoned Carts 50 Out of Stock Products 5 these values change every time i refresh the page... any idea where its pulling this false information from?
  16. Hello!, I'm currently on Prestashop We are currently having a real issue with invoice generation. All taxes and shipping costs are being calculated properly. Yet so when the customer chooses multiple products the calculation is only done on one of the products, Unfortunately the product it chooses to base the calculations on is completely random. We have already started garnering losses because of this bug. Total Tax Excluded shows the right price in the 'Tax detail box' but not in the 'Product totals' or 'Total'. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing such and if there is a way to fix this, as it is proving costly. Thanks in Advance, Oscar Tark
  17. Hi fellow geeks, so I am using PS 1.4.6 and everything is smooth but if I add an attribute such as quantity and increase the price by let's say $20 it displays some random numbers such as 5,954,352 but when added to the cart it does the math correctly. I have ended up creating two different products and it shouldn't be like that. You can see it here: http://www.tivicr.com/es/581-recuerdo-baby-shower-mini-chupones-.html Thanks!
  18. Hi, I have some issue with the layout. My slider has went on the top menu and i cant change it back. I tried to use tpl files by changing margin px's but nothing seems working. Website: www.buyhealthytea.co.uk Thank you!
  19. Salve gente! da quando ho aggiornato alla PrestaShop ci compare spesso la schermata "Oops, something went wrong. Try to refresh this page or feel free to contact us if the problem persists." avete idea di quale possa essere il problema e magari anche la soluzione? il sito funziona perfettamente e non capiamo quale possa essere la causa di queste pagine fastidiose
  20. I just changed my friendly URL to include the categories in the product links. It worked out well on the front office but if i click on product preview link in the back office it still shows the old url without the category. I need some help fixing this issue thanks! What ive already done: Ive refreshed the cache and deleted all cache files Tried doing some edits to controllers - didnt work may be missing something
  21. (sorry, my own fault, I just found that some testing products were set to no tax. Please ignore this post.) I just installed the fresh 1.5.6 version and tried to test it before using. It seems that the tax calculation is wrong on the order. It is calculated only based on the shipping cost, not the total cost. So all products are tax free on the order! Anyone has the same issue? The screenshot is attached.
  22. Hi, Basically, I had a test order go through. Paid for the item (cost of 2 gbp plus postae of 6gp = 8). This went through fine and the money hit my paypal. When I went into back-office to observe the order, it said that the TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT SINCE REGISTRATION was 12.10 gbp. This is completely rong and I have no idea where prestashop got this figure from. I've seen on google that numerous people have this problem, yet no one seems to have resolved it. Attached is a screenshot. Any help?
  23. Al momento de confirmar el pedido y entrar en mi cuenta de paypal para realizar el pago, me aparece la pantalla. Oops, something went wrong... Ya llevo un mes con el problema y compre el PrestaShop's Technical Support y apesta, porque aún no ha podido solucionar el problema además de que tengo que estar abriendo un ticket cada que necesito una respuesta, ya que me dan una posible solución y la establecen como "Solucionada" Hay alguién que tenga una respuesta, o que le esté pasando lo mismo?? saludos
  24. when a customer takes an order, the product rows are inserted in front of the header. Maybe one of the template files got corrupted. I want to replace that file by an original one but not sure where to look (in my theme or modules...). I'm using Prestashop 1.4.7. Site will be www.kreative-vielfalt.com but the is turned off because of this issue. When looking at the html text of the screenshot below it shows that the productstands above the table containing the header: ... <tr> <td align="left"><tr style="background-color: #EBECEE;"> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em;">ws001</td> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em;"><strong>Weihnachtsstern</strong></td> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em; text-align: right;">3,00 €</td> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em; text-align: center;">1</td> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em; text-align: right;">3,00 €</td> </tr> <table style="width: 100%; font-family: Verdana,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #374953;"> <!-- Title --> <tbody> <tr style="background-color: #b9babe; text-align: center;"> <th style="width: 15%; padding: 0.6em 0;">Artikelnr.</th> <th style="width: 35%; padding: 0.6em 0;">Produkt</th> <th style="width: 15%; padding: 0.6em 0;">Stückpreis</th> <th style="width: 15%; padding: 0.6em 0;">Menge</th> <th style="width: 20%; padding: 0.6em 0;">Gesamtpreis</th> </tr> <!-- Products --> ... Any idea how I can find out what's wrong? Thank you, Walter
  25. When I add a product to my cart and after that click on the cart for the summary, the product total shows without tax, when it should actually show the total price with tax. When I change the quantity of the product in the cart it suddenly starts showing the right product total including tax now, even when I lower the quantity again. See attachments. Honestly, it's getting really tiresome working with Prestashop. You'd think this would be a basic thing in shoppingcart software... Is there a solution for this? I'm on v1.5.6.0, clean install. Theme is Nuveo 1.5, bought through Prestashop add-ons and is ready. [edit] Bug tracker report here: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-10849
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