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[solved] negative stock although not allowed


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Hi there,


we had a huge discount session this weekend, selling of everything for -25%. It has been a great success, orders where coming continuously, many products are sold out now.


The Issue: some of the products have been "over-ordered", i.e. the stock is now in minus, although settings are configured that this should not happen. We certainly do not allow backorders (triple-checked)! 

It seems those orders came in at the same time, but at least for one case the products have not been added to cart at the same time. Shouldn’t there be some “protection-time”, meaning as long the product are in cart that amount is not available for others to order?


So, main question is of course: how can this happen?

Follow-up question: how can I make sure this never happens again?



Thanks in advance for any input and help.


Best, chris


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I don't believe there is a protection time when something is placed in a cart. I know there is a module out there that will do that for you.

Please also make sure that the mentioned product does not overwrite your default settings. If you open your product -> quantities -> When out of stock and its set to allow this will actually allow an overbooking.

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I just tested your scenario in my test environment and there is no protection which means if somebody adds an item to the cart and surfs your website for more products and somebody else comes and buys that one remaining item the first guy will still be able to purchase the product and the stock will go minus. The first guy will get an email saying its on backorder. I guess the only protection is to have enough items or an add-on Module such as:



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Thanks for your answers. I was sure there is some sort of "cart protection", although I have to confess that I never did any research in that area. At least I understand what happened and how to solve the issue. thanks again.

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