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  1. Hi community, I have constantly tracking issues with the standard google analytics module, e.g. brands not tracked, no conversion tracking with sofort payment, etc. We decided to finish this once for all by buying a module. Thus I have these questions: Is there already a module that implements enhanced ecommerce tracking with the new gtag.js Which module do you use and why Thanks for your inputs.
  2. Selbst wenn - was für mich persönlich absoult unannehmbar wäre - brauchst du vermutlich Cookies dass der Warenkorb funktioniert (Muss gestehen, dass hab ich mir noch nie genau angesehen). Insofern musst du so oder so das Urteil umsetzen. Auch wenn noch nichts in Stein gemeißelt ist gehe ich davon dass die Abmahnmafia bereits die Klingen wetzt und sich unsereins darauf vorbereiten sollte.
  3. @antikeck zu "ich möchte kunden mitteilen das wir urlaub machen daher gewünchte artikel wird erst nach der urlaub versendet wird und das musste in artikel beschreibung und beim beschtellung bei warenkorb zu kunden mittgeteilt wird das die leute wie gewohnt kaufen können nur versand erst nach der urlaub erfolgt" schaut dir mal https://contentbox.org/ an, ist kostenlos und damit lässt sich das easy umsetzen. Text rein, Modul-Positionen definieren und fertig.
  4. Hab da auch eine Idee für dich: Im Chekout wird ein upselling angeboten. Für eine Extra-Summe wird eine Jahresmitgliedschaft abgeschlossen die einem für jeden Einkauf automatisch einen gewissen Rabatt gewährt. Rabatte udn Zeiträume müssen natürlich frei definerbar sein. In Summe eine Misschung aus Upselling, Kundengruppen (oder ev.Preisregeln). Ich hab bis dato kein passendes Modul für diese Anwendung gefunden Anbei ein Bildchen das ganze ev. besser als mein Text erklärt.
  5. Hi there, I'd like to track reduction per product as custom metric on order confirmation. Eg. a product normally sold for $100 is on sale with 25% discount, I want to track the $25 reduction. Therefore I edited in ganalytics.php (Modul ganalytics, V2.3.1) the public function wrapProduct , in specific the $ga_product array (around line 530) So $ga_product = array( 'id' => $product_id, 'name' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['name']), 'category' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['category']), 'brand' => isset($product['manufacturer_name']) ? Tools::jsonEncode($product['manufacturer_name']) : '', //'brand' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['manufacturer_name']), 'variant' => Tools::jsonEncode($variant), 'type' => $product_type, 'position' => $index ? $index : '0', 'quantity' => $product_qty, 'list' => Tools::getValue('controller'), 'url' => isset($product['link']) ? urlencode($product['link']) : '', 'price' => number_format($product['price'], '2') ); is now: $calc_discount = $product['price_without_reduction'] - $product['price']; $ga_product = array( 'id' => $product_id, 'name' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['name']), 'category' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['category']), 'brand' => isset($product['manufacturer_name']) ? Tools::jsonEncode($product['manufacturer_name']) : '', //'brand' => Tools::jsonEncode($product['manufacturer_name']), 'variant' => Tools::jsonEncode($variant), 'type' => $product_type, 'position' => $index ? $index : '0', 'quantity' => $product_qty, 'list' => Tools::getValue('controller'), 'url' => isset($product['link']) ? urlencode($product['link']) : '', 'price' => number_format($product['price'], '2'), 'metric1' => number_format($calc_discount, '2') ); In Google Analytics I defined a new custom metric (Index: 1, scope: product, format: currency) - I also tried hit-scope and integer combinations, all without success. According to Google help center it is definitely possbile and allowed to track custom metrics with transactions Source code on order-confirmation looks fine, still my metric in GA-reports is 0 - although all my test-orders were all reduced products. Any hints for me whats wrong? Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. Hi there, how can I get the delivery country as variable on order-confirmation page? Thanks, c.
  7. Hallo zusammen, ich möchte meinen Shop klonen (selbes Theme, Produkte, etc.) - alles bleibt gleich außer die Preise. Meine Frage dazu: Wie gehe ich das am besten an? Neue Shopgruppe erstellen oder nicht? Eigene Hauptkategorie erstellen (und alle Produkte dieser zuordnen) oder nicht? usw. Hoffe mir kann jemand auf die Sprünge helfen. Danke!
  8. Thanks for your answers. I was sure there is some sort of "cart protection", although I have to confess that I never did any research in that area. At least I understand what happened and how to solve the issue. thanks again.
  9. Hi there, we had a huge discount session this weekend, selling of everything for -25%. It has been a great success, orders where coming continuously, many products are sold out now. The Issue: some of the products have been "over-ordered", i.e. the stock is now in minus, although settings are configured that this should not happen. We certainly do not allow backorders (triple-checked)! It seems those orders came in at the same time, but at least for one case the products have not been added to cart at the same time. Shouldn’t there be some “protection-time”, meaning as long the product are in cart that amount is not available for others to order? So, main question is of course: how can this happen? Follow-up question: how can I make sure this never happens again? Thanks in advance for any input and help. Best, chris
  10. Hallo an alle, dzt. hoste ich meinen Shop bei All-Inkl. Bin auch sehr zufrieden, möchte aber in naher Zukunft mehr Leistung. Jetzt ist aber die Serverwelt überhaupt nicht meine, daher hier mal die Frage an die Versierten, was so der "nächste" Schritt in Sachen Hosting ist. vServer sind ja deutlich günstiger als managed server, aber ich habe keine Ahnung was mich da erwartet. Kurz zu meinen Anforderungen/Profil: PS wird bei mir ziemlich individualisert, SQL, CSS & HTML ist mein kleines Reich wo ich mich auskenne Ganz wichtig: Kein Limit bei der Anzahl der Datenbanken (Hat nicht nur mit dem Shop zu tun) Möchte eine der Cachingfunktionen nützen Serverkonfiguarion kenn ich mich nicht aus, "out of the box"-Funktionalität wie bei 5-Euro-Hosting wäre ideal Dokus kann ich lesen, also wenns sein muss und einmlaig ist traue ich mich schon drüber, möchte mich aber keinesfalls reglemäßig mit dem Server beschäftigen müssen. Preis/Leistung. Günstig wird bevorzugt, aber am Ende des Tages muss die Leistung stimmen, dann zahl ich auch gerne mehr Danke vorab für eure Inputs lg zac
  11. Hi there, I'm trying to create a second store on another Domain. It should be the exact copy of my existing store. My approach: Activate multistore Actived "share stock within shop group" Added another shop in the same shop-group Imported everything Configured the domain for the second shop Updated stock Seems to be that easy, but I face a lot of issues in the second shop, e.g.: Categories are empty - "There are no products in this category" OnPage-Search does not return any results Changes in the template configurator do not have any effect (even with cleared cache, cookies and force compile) etc. Pls help, what I'm missing?
  12. Hi there, I want to AB-Test the one page checkout versus the standard checkout. So how can I get both version to work at the same time? Thanks, zac
  13. Hi there, does your module suppoort "signup-location"? One, that its sent to my mailchimp, and does not sync/delete subscribers with other signup_locations specified. Thx, zac
  14. Just want to mention that I have the same issue on my site and although we won't get slapped by google it matters in terms of SEO: "Depending on how the website is set up, you may choose to mark up category pages. If you list product information on the category pages, you will want to omit any microdata markup as it may cause a confliction with the product pages. After all, the goal for conversions usually starts with the product pages, so you will want the product page to be the landing page rather than a category page." (http://www.searchenginejournal.com/e-commerce-microdata-best-practices/35228/) Anyway, if there is markup it should be at least correct, so I line up for a solution. best, zac
  15. Hi there, I've some general questions about multishop and module handling. I played around for a while in a test environment and defined following setting shopA.at : Existing shop in PS., originally started with V1.3 and regularly updated. Enabled multishop with following conditions: shopA.com: exact copy of shopA on a different TLD, in the same group, same template as shopA.com enabled more languages, etc. shopB.com: A complete new shop, having 10 selected products of on supplier on another domain, created a new group for that one and selected a different template Beside several issues I have, the modules are totally not clear for me. Option 1: I have some modules that I need for all shops, e.g. blockcart, search, etc. O 2: I have some modules that I need in only in a shopgroup, e.g. template related modules, etc. O 3: I have some modules that I need in only in a specific shop, e.g. I don't get it how to configure them and often face SQL errors like "Notice: Undefined index: sticky_menu in ...cache/smarty/compile/..." or "Notice: Undefined offset: ... " or "Fatal error: Call to a member function hasLeftColumn() on a non-object in.../classes/controller/ModuleFrontController.php on line 48" E.g: Google Analytics: Needed for all shops, but with different tracking ID (at least ideally, can be solved via filters in GA) Payments: Bankwire is needed in all shops, but with different bank account data; Paypal-API - I have one API for different shops, but the contacting email with paypal should be different. etc., etc. I'm not clear on what to select at the top (All shop, a group, each shop individual) when installing/deinstalling/configuring a module, especially for options 2/3 mentioned above I hope I made myself clear and somebody can lighten up my understanding of PS multishop. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi there, I've not installed module "statsorigin", although my tables "ps_connections" and "ps_connections_source" collect data. Is this intended behaviour, or am I just looking at the wrong module? Thanks for your help. Chris P.S. Is there somewhere an overview with PS modules use which tables? --- PS V1.5.6.2
  17. Hi, I've not defined them manually, that is why I want to translate them via database. I only installed PS and installed translations via admin-interface. Did I miss something? Meanwhile I recognised that all "lang" tables contain only the default language (in my case german). http://zaczone.eu/bsp/lang.png Best, Chris
  18. Hi, I have 3 languages, but my ps_meta_lang (includes SEO-URL-slugs) lists only the main language, but this 3 times. To ease my translation process, maybe someone can help out and provide me with a sql-export of the table ps_meta_lang in English & French - Don't worry, I can handle sql (better than translations) Thanks, Chris
  19. Hi, I've no clue yet, but facing the same issue. Even now with an update to V1.5.1.0 Best, zac Update: Did a fresh install with V and categories work fine so far
  20. Hi all, I've a perfectly running PS V1.3.1.1 (at least until now). Several days ago I decided to offer a virtual product. During checkout at step "payment" following message is shown: "No payment modules installed" If I order together with any "real" product, everything works fine. Any idea where to look at? Thanks, Chris BTW: In Debug-Modus no errors are displayed. The message is on-screnn
  21. How can I validate my theme without installing 1.4 beforehand? V1.3 has no theme-export module Thanks
  22. Hi! I've upgraded from 1.2.5 to, offline in XAMPP. After everything was working like it should, I copied everything online, database and files. Edited settings.inc.php, and changed file permissions according to install-wiki. I can access backend, generated new .htaccess and robots.txt. But I do not see the frontend, only a white blank screen. No error message, even when turned on. Deleted files in folder smarty/compile. No changes. I can access also the frontend by entering an exact url like domain/shop/category or when calling index.php. But as soon I go back to home, the white screen appears again. Any ideas what's causing the problem and how to solve it? Thanks
  23. Same problem. I guess it is just an incompatibility issue with 1.3.x, but I haven't figured it out yet.
  24. But then I get into SSL warnings... isn't it?
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