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No shipping costs applied periodically where invoice address is from zone that does not allow ship


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We noticed that quite a number of orders recently came through without shipping charges applied. All of the problem orders have the following circumstance in common:


  1. The customer orders a product that is set to only allow shipping to a specific zone (it's a flower delivery business).
  2. The customer has a delivery address in that zone but an invoice address outside of that zone.
  3. However, in the ps_cart database table we can see that the cart is shown with the same address ID in both the id_address_delivery and id_address_invoice fields. The ID it shows is from the actual invoice address.
  4. In the order itself, we can see the correct delivery address and invoice address as separate addresses. The issue is just in the ps_cart table.

We can already see in the Shopping Cart screen in the PS backend that the shipping charge is not shown here which then feeds into the order itself. So it seems as if at some stage of the process the cart uses the invoice address as delivery address, then because that is not a permitted delivery zone it does not apply shipping which then in turn feeds through to the order, even though here the correct delivery address is shown.


This problem DOES NOT happen every time there is the above circumstance. There are plenty of orders in the system with invoice address being outside of the shipping zone and shipping charged are applied correctly. The problem therefore seems to somehow rest with the ps_cart table when it is being populated. Something goes wrong from time to time. By the way, the issue only started in late July but we have no reference of anything that might have been installed or changed then that could be related.


Any advice or guidance would be hugely appreciated as this is obviously a serious problem. Thanks! 

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I have the a similiar problem in one of my shops (PS . In my case it happened with the delivery service for the delivery address not being available for the country of the invoice address.

I checked the cart table in the database and it's the same as intandem stated.
May the problem be that the connection to the database is to slow and some queries are not processed? Is there somehow a solution to the problem?


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