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  1. My client would like customers to be able to filter the product catalogue by size directly from the Main menu. She has a shoe shop and her feedback from her customers is that they would like to be able to browse her shop straight away by size rather than having to go into product categories first and then selecting them from the sidebar. Is this at all possible in any shape or form? Or even with an add-on? Had a look but can't find anything. Thanks for any suggestions/guidance.
  2. We realised that the issue only came up in Chrome browser. The issue got TEMPORARILY resolved by clearing the browser cache of cookies as well as files. Cookies alone does not help. However, later in the day the same issue came back - not necessarily for the same problem pages but could be, for example, a specific order not opening but redirecting. Cleared cache again, all good. The next morning, same problem and cannot even log into the site without clearing the cache again. Any ideas???
  3. This question relates to my earlier post https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/636915-solved-prestashop-redirects-to-login-screen-when-accessing-some-bo-menu-items/ which I thought was resolved but isn't. I am starting a new post because some information in the old one didn't relate to the actual issue, so for more clarity here it is revised: Since moving my client site to a new hosting server (where I have a number of other Prestashop sites hosted without any problem), my client's site has problems accessing some back office menu items, namely Orders, Customers and Performance. If you click on any of these, you get redirected to the login screen. Not crashed out, just redirected. Going backwards in the browser brings us back in. For the Order page for example, the URL for the menu item is: https://www.XYZcompany.com/shop/admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders&token=4da9c0650556eb6956c784aa1b14a2bb However, if we click on it, it becomes: https://www.XYZcompany.com/shop/admin/index.php?controller=AdminLogin&token=af3bdebf540cc4942582bb9479e49ba2&redirect=AdminOrders and redirects to the login page. But, if we copy this link directly into the browser but REMOVE the token part, it opens the Orders page correctly: https://www.XYZcompany.com/shop/admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders Yesterday, we did this a few times. At first, after accessing the Orders page with the ex-token URL and then moving around to other menu items, when getting back to Orders we would still get redirected to the login screen. But after a while, a new token seemed to have been generated that the system was happy with and we could access Orders by clicking on the menu as normal. So I thought the issue was resolved. However, this morning we are back to the redirect, and so far I have not been able to resolve it. Any suggestions from developers with a better understanding of tokens would be appreciated. I can only find information realting to error messages about "Invalid Security Tokens" but there are no error messages for us, just the redirect. Thanks!!
  4. So for anybody with the same problem who might come across this post, our issue got resolved once I accessed the problem pages with their URL minus token manually and moved around the sub-navigation pages a little. Not being very familiar with how the tokens work I can only assume that something was locked and got regenerated this way. The URLs in the navigation now have new tokens in them that are working fine.
  5. Ok, I just figured something out but don't know what to do about it - but might point someone with more skills than me in the right direction. I just took a look at the sidebar navigation's code and each menu item has a unique token value as part of it. If I take the link code minus the token element and put that in the browser, I can access the problem pages without difficulty. For example: https://www.xyzcompany.com/admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders works https://www.xyzcompany.com/admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders&token=4da9c0652536ec6456c784fa1b04a2bb as per <li> code does not work and adds "redirect=AdminOrders" to the end of the URL once entered. However, the other menu items that don't have an issue have the token as part of their URL without a problem. So this is where my knowledge ends as I don't really know anything about tokens etc. Is any of this enlightening to you guys?
  6. Have tried regenerating the .htaccess file but unfortunately that did not help. The only "technical" thing that happened is that we changed nameservers yesterday. The website had been moved to a new server earlier this week under time pressure so we just pointed the A record over to the new hosting. Everything was working fine. Yesterday, we moved the full nameservers across and from what I understand, it was also working fine afterwards but my client cannot confirm this for me 100%. But I can't see how this could be linked.
  7. Does anybody know what files generate the order and customer lists? Perhaps I can try to replace them with fresh ones?
  8. Thanks for that suggestion. I tried it though and no error messages are coming up after clicking on Orders and then being thrown onto the log-in page. Had another problem on the checkout page on the site itself and got that figured out (little side bonus) but unfortunately not the order list / customer list one.
  9. Hi! Since this morning, when we try to access the orders list or the customers list, Prestashop will direct us to the login screen. It doesn't quite crash out because I can go back to the previous screen in the browser and work away in other areas of the back office, but as soon as I click on "orders" or "Customers", I get thrown out to the login screen again. Any ideas appreciated. P.S. I did an upgrade to latest version just now but that didn't fix it.
  10. Hi! I still have this same issue, ie. the upload of the customisation image file seems to work - it's in the uploads folder and I can download and see it fine via FTP. However, as part of the user experience during the pruchasing process, the thumbnail shows up as a broken image icon. If I right-click on it to Open in a New Tab, I get a message Forbidden You don't have permission to access /upload/f2cf544d8c2598888c7ec77c06f7e72f_small on this server. I tried changing file permissions even right up to 777 but this makes no difference. I don't have the "php_flag engine off" in the .htaccess file in the uploads folder. Does anybody have any other ideas? This is the .htaccessfile: deny from all <Files ~ "(?i)^.*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp|pdf)$"> order deny,allow allow from all </Files> If I am a customer trying to buy a product, I certainly would not proceed as it looks like my file was not uploaded. Any ideas? thanks!
  11. Had the same problem. However, downloading the cacert.pem file into /app/cache/prod/ did not solve it. I had to copy it into /app/cache/dev to get things working. But al good now - thanks!!!
  12. Hi! Where do I place this Github code please? Apologies if stupid question ....
  13. Apologies for the stupid question but where do I place the code that's on Github?
  14. 3 years later and on version and we just started to experience the same issue - not for any new products we're setting up but for anything already in the system. I used your solution (which I would have never thought of on my own because obviously the radio button was already ticked) and it works!! Thanks so much!
  15. Hi daveyrow Can you show me the code after yours is inserted - I'm not exactly sure where to place it .... Thanks so much!
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