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[Ambassador Program] Be the voice of PrestaShop!

Antoine F

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Dear forum member,

Ready to take your love of PrestaShop to the next level? Become an Ambassador! 


The goal of our Ambassador Program is to build a worldwide network of trusted community members who volunteer to be PrestaShop's voice in their country or region. 


We want Ambassadors - you - to help us take PrestaShop to the next level of global leadership, by engaging local communities and by spreading the word about our brand and product. 


As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to be recognized as the voice of PrestaShop in your country. 


You can take on different initiatives and choose what you would like to do as a PrestaShop Ambassador (moderate local forums, organize meetups, run local tests on upcoming releases, etc.)


More information here! :)




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This sounds good but I think I have to get more skill and knowledge on your program before becoming your ambassador.

I am now a business owner, my website is www.boymeetsgirlshop.com I am now developing my site with your program.

Now I can only contribute to you as a regular customer feedback  ^_^


Your ambassador program is interesting, a lot of good comments on your program, that is why I choose your program for new site.

Just that Thai people don't have much skill or too shy to communicate in English, that's why no feedback from Thai community on your post (I guess).

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