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Combination + Specific Price problem


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Hello. I use prestashop, and i sell software.
I have added some combination of the products, 
For every combination I have added some specific prices. These prices must decrease depending on the amount. 
The rule applies only when the first value.
Charge me a discount but only from 5 pieces in this case
At 20 pieces not.
Is Prestashop does not allow to set many specific prices for many combinations? Did I do something wrong, or maybe it is a bug?


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I noticed that if I copy and paste again the same code responsible for displaying a table of discount (product.tpl)...  

{if (isset($quantity_discounts) && count($quantity_discounts) > 0)}


{convertPrice price=$qtyProductPrice - $discountPrice}

- This shows me the second level correctly. 






So, maybe something is wrong with this loop (foreach).




And the second thing:


If a specific price is set from 1 piece, this discount is shown. - Looka at screen: 
But if the specific price is set from 5 pieces, this discount is NOT shown.
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OK, i found problem. 


The second <tr> have style display:none; why? I don't now :(





But... When I disable it in firebug, all works perfect. 


Now is the question : How to set this style to display:table-row? 

<tr id="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}" class="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}" data-real-discount-value="{convertPrice price = $realDiscountPrice}" data-discount-type="{$quantity_discount.reduction_type}" data-discount="{$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval}" data-discount-quantity="{$quantity_discount.quantity|intval}">

adding style="display: table-row !important;"  don't work :(


 I think that parameter is changed somewhere in the js. Can you help me where?

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