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  1. Complete module in polish website based on features and accesories : https://sklep.tech-sas.pl/programy/cechy-z-produktow-powiazanych
  2. Prestashop https://gyazo.com/323b8722e809dbb79ffba4667f0e558b
  3. {foreach from=$delivery_options item=carrier key=carrier_id} {$carrier.id_reference} {/foreach}
  4. in version the problem does not occur
  5. Hi, i have VPS with CentOS 8 + Cyberpanel with OpenLiteSpeed My configuration PHP in pictures. I cannot change the language during installation. The attempt to switch the language takes a long time and it does not change, but English is all the time. I get an error while installing "Cannot download language pack XX" when i use this trick then I won't be able to change the language in the backoffice later. what is missing that the language does not switch? Is this a problem with Presashop? I tried version and
  6. Hello all. I wrote a module that shows the value of a feature from a related product in a readable form. Just like Aliexpress or Allegro in Poland. In the module configuration, the feature ID (number) should be provided - required field You can enter your own title You can enable or hide the title. You can enable or hide the price. You can enable or hide the product photo. You can choose a border color You can select a border style. Works on versions 1.6 and 1.7 I can't sell on addons yet. Link to my shop : https://sklep.tech-sas.pl/cechy-z-produktow-powiazanych.html DEMO backoffice presta 1.7: http://demo16.tech-sas.pl/admin334rwhwbi Login: [email protected] Hasło: demodemo DEMO Front http://demo16.tech-sas.pl/index.php?id_product=6&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=mug-the-best-is-yet-to-come&controller=product&id_lang=3 or my shop: https://sklep.tech-sas.pl/green-cell-bateria-do-hp-14-15-17-hp-240-245-250-255-g4-g5-146v-2200mah.html Screens: EXAPLE ALIEXPRESS: EXAPLE ALLEGRO - POLAND:
  7. Does it no longer work with presta 1.6?
  8. Masz jakoś zabezpieczony formularz na stronie z kontaktem?
  9. I made a mistake. I know where to paste it, but I could not even take advantage of this.
  10. Prestools images-1.00.zip - i download this module how it works? I must product edit? Image edit? I cant find the X button
  11. Prestashop version: Prestools version 1.24m. PHP version 7.0.33 What is going on? Is it normal?
  12. DotPay, BlueMedia. Jak coś to mogę Pomóc wdrożyć.
  13. Nawet jeśli ustawisz poprawnie znaczniki, i dany produkt nie będzie miał ocen to ci zacznie sypać błędami typu: Wartość we właściwości „reviewCount” musi być dodatnia
  14. Administracja -> Pracownicy -> wybierasz siebie i w opcjach profilu zmieniasz domyślny język na PL.
  15. @Daresh Twoja strona jest bez SSL specjalnie czy omyłkowo?
  16. GTM wklejasz do headera + 3 linijki w body W GTM ładujesz wszystkie tagi (Fejsa, Gugla i inne) i masz porządek.
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