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Get product shipping cost without cart

Nico Ratti

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I developed a module that allow users to ask for a quote of a single product. Now I need to calculate the shipping cost for the product but I can't get the shipping cost of the cart because the user ask for a quote from the product page without add it to the cart.

Obviously the customer will put the shipping address before the calculation.

Where I can take the shipping cost?

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First you will need to know the shopping carrier, and then use the carrier object to get the shipping fee estimation.



$carrier->getDeliveryPriceByPrice($order_total, $id_zone, $id_currency)

$carrier->checkDeliveryPriceByPrice($id_carrier, $order_total, $id_zone, $id_currency)
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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately my shop have a few custom carriers module installed. So I write this little script to take the cheapest shipping fees:

function getShippingCost($id_product, $total_cost, $quantity, $id_country, $id_state = null, $zipcode = null, $id_lang = 1) {

	$product = new Product($id_product, true);
	$volume = $product->width * $product->height * $product->depth * $quantity;

	$country_iso = Country::getIsoById($id_country);
	$state_iso = null;
	if($id_state) {
		$sql = 'SELECT iso_code FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'state WHERE id_state = '.$id_state;
		if ($row = Db::getInstance()->getRow($sql)){
			$state_iso = $row['iso_code'];

	//Get all carriersModule
	$carriers = Carrier::getCarriers($id_lang, true, false, false, null, Carrier::CARRIERS_MODULE);

	$shipping_cost = false;
	$available_carriers = array();

	foreach ($carriers as $corriere) {

	    $carrier = new Carrier($corriere['id_carrier'], false);

	    //get external shipping cost from module
	    if ($carrier->shipping_external) {

	        $module_name = $carrier->external_module_name;
	        $module = Module::getInstanceByName($module_name);

	        if (Validate::isLoadedObject($module)) {
	            if (array_key_exists('id_carrier', $module)) {
	                $module->id_carrier = $carrier->id;
	            $shipping_cost = $module->getOrderShippingCost(null, 0, true, $country_iso, $state_iso, $zipcode, $volume, $total_cost);

	            // check if this carrier is available
	            if ($shipping_cost === false) {
	                $shipping_cost = false;
	        else {
	            $shipping_cost = false;

	    if ($shipping_cost !== false) {
	    	$available_carriers[] = array('carrier_name' => '', 'shipping_cost' => Product::convertAndFormatPrice($shipping_cost));

	// if no carriers available return false
		return false;

	$cheapest = false;
	foreach($available_carriers as $carrier) {
		if($cheapest === false || $cheapest['shipping_cost'] > $carrier['shipping_cost'])
			$cheapest = $carrier;

	return ($cheapest);
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Hi. I'm new in developing Prestashop area. I try to implement this code... But I don't know how I should add this function, where and how to use it in product.tpl file.

Should I add this code to /classes/Product.php?


I'm using Prestashop 1.6


Could you please give me some tips or give some url to any manual?

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