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How To Round Prices To Whole Amount


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I need product prices rounded to whole numbers. I know it is possible to turn off decimals, but I need the price to be displayed with two decimals.


54,65 needs to be 55,00

54,32 needs to be 54,00



I have not been able to achieve this with standard rounding options. 

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Is it possible, to have product prices with decimals, but the final round up to whole number?

With turning off decimals, it works fine, but customer can argue about the final price - let me demonstrate.


With decimals

38.12 * 9 = 343,08 - Works


Without decimals

38 * 9 = 343 (rounds only final price) - problem, because customer can say 38*9=342


Wanted price output

38.12 * 9 343 - currently impossible AFAIK, without code modifications

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