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  1. Same problem. Does anyone have a sollution to this? Tried to deactivate advanced stock- same result. Please help.
  2. Hello, I have bought your module, but captcha does not show in our contact form. How do I fix this? We use a custom theme.
  3. For å gjøre det enkelt kan du bruke denne modulen: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-performance/17953-prestaspeed-image-and-site-optimization.html Vi bruker den selv på to butikker og den sletter alle forlatte handlekurver. Vær forsiktig og ta alltid backup før du bruker denne modulen. Vi har aldri opplevet problemer med den, men tar allikevel backup hver gang den kjøres. Vi kjøpte modulen først og fremst for å rense ps_guest og ps_connections på en enkel måte, men den kan også brukes til å rense forlatte handlevogner. Håper dette hjelper :-)
  4. Ser på skjermbildet at kurvene er fra i dag. Kan det være at kurvene er i bruk av en kunde som ikke har registrert seg ennå? Hvis ikke... Bruk Prestashop Cleaner. Modul utviklet av Prestashop. Gå til Moduler og søk etter Cleaner. Installer moduler. Klikk på modulens konfigurasjon og kjør "Sjekk & Fisk funksjonell integritet" og "Rengjøring av database". Det bør fikse problemet.
  5. The message system is very time consuming, but it is an alternative. Thank you. I believed this would be a simple task for any module expert.
  6. Is it possible to upload a pdf file from admin and connect it to a order? I have searched both free modules and paid modules in this forum, and addons, but there I cannot find a module wich will do that. We have a external invoicing system and have deactivated invoices in our webshop. When a customer makes an order and look at his/hers order history a empty field named "Invoice" still appears. We need to be able to upload a pdf invoice and make it connect with the order in order history, preferrably in the invoice field. Is this possible? If nothing already have been done, we will pay if someone can make us this module.
  7. I am looking for a module which can generate a product feed with specials only. Any suggestions?
  8. I need someone to make a tracking code for use with a affiliate network. One of our payment modules do not use standard confirmation page, so I need the code made so I can paste it into a .tpl. I have the tracking code from the affiliate network and it needs to get "total with discount" , "order id" and "voucher". Tax excluded on all prices. I need this code made as soon as possible. Please give me a price suggestion for developing the code, and I will get back to you.
  9. I need product prices rounded to whole numbers. I know it is possible to turn off decimals, but I need the price to be displayed with two decimals. 54,65 needs to be 55,00 54,32 needs to be 54,00 ... I have not been able to achieve this with standard rounding options.
  10. When a customer goes to checkout he/she cannot select Free shipping (Pickup-point) as a carrier. It used to work up until some days ago. I have tried deleting the carriers - same result - I've cheked zones and countries - same result. I have even bought a module "Pick up in store" from addons which creates a new carrier (similar to already configured pickup point) - same result. The system only allows customers to choose between two carriers which both are paid. Pickup-points are free. You can try for your self : http://f10.no The site is in norwegian. Google translate helps. The three carriers not able to choose from, even though they are displayed are : Pickup point Larvik, Pickup point Sandefjord and Hente i butikk. Please help!
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