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Combinations Not Saving And Not Keeping Changes


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Hi guys,


this is my first topic, so please be kind if I hurt any of the forum rules but I am very desperate. (German here)

I have developed a shop on and upgraded it via 1-click-upgrade to 1.6.14. Everything working fine. But now...


My problem is, that I cannot save any kind of combination anymore. It is like just nothing happens and it says "successful".

Everything else is OK on my shop except saving combinations. If I try to change them, they just stay like they are.


Is there a way to just replace any files to get that function back because I need it?


I have tried countless tipps like, Standard theme: default bootstrap. My personal one is only changed in css.

Clearing almoust every cache.

Turning off overrides

Turning off modules


Replacing files with files from download, nothing works. I would suspect, there is something in the database or just one wrong switch...


my URL: www.stockmann-verlag.de


Thank you! And like I said. Everything else is working perfect. I am still a Prestashop Beginner, so...


Oh, and combinations already made are also working, but at some I cannot change Product Number...

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Thank you:


It shows


/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code
[8] Undefined property: Product::$condition


when I enter editing a product.


My admin files are untouched and I replaced admin/themes with original.

I have cleared smarty, but it is coming back of course.

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