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How to remove Catefories and Products ID from URL .


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Hi ,All




First of all sorry for poor English.


Before i changed anything the   categories and products URL were showing neat and clean . Then I used new theme and also I deleted all products and then again i added products and categories.


Then I enabl SEO URL   and its continue to showing categories and products with id in to the URL. 

 e.g:  categories : http://www.braendeshop.dk/5-ovntorret-braende

        products    : http://www.braendeshop.dk/ovntorret-braende/10-ovntorret-ask

If any one know how to remove these ids from url then please help .


I am used prestashop 1.6.

and my website url link is this : http://www.braendeshop.dk/


oh sorry its misspelled in to topic title it is categories. :blink:



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This is the correct way of URL building. There is no way to remove ID's (and you should not remove them cause there are a part of Prestahop's architecture and you will get problems with addons working based on ID's). There is no plus on SEO by removing the ID's


See here same discussions about removing ID's.



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