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How can I add a hook to a CMS content page

Daniel A.

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Hello there.

So I started working recently with Prestashop because i was asked do to an online shop and I was suggested Prestashop to do so.


When I check the categories of my products, i have a sidebar on the left, which i still dont know how to edit (te content) but I'll found soon (hopefully).




I have one CMS content page, which I want to aplly that sidebar.




How can I apply that bar on the CMS content? Thanks in advance.  :)

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Log in to Back Office, go to Preferences > Themes and in "Configure your theme" section click on Advanced settings. Scroll down to "APPEARANCE OF COLUMNS" and enable the left column for the CMS by clicking on the red x.


Thanks alot Catalin. Now i just need to find out how to change the left column for each page.


what theme you usE? can you share url?

I'm using this one - http://www.leotheme.com/prestashop/themes/278-leo-wine-store-prestashop.html

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