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  1. Did you press the "Clear cache" (Pulisci la cache) button from the top right corner? Also you should clear your browser's cache, or try opening your website in incognito mode. LE: Just checked your website and it shows width: 300px; so it works
  2. Enable debug mode by editing /config/defines.inc.php and change line "define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);" to "define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);" You may see the actual problem now.
  3. Hi, There's nothing wrong with your editor. What you're seeing there is a minified version of the file, meaning the file is stripped of spaces to reduce it's file size. In short it's a good thing. The developers at Prestashop now use a tool called webpack, which among other things, compiles multiple scss files into one file called "theme.css", which in the end gets minified to reduce file size. The correct way to change the css would be to change the development version of the scss file and then compile everything again using webpack. You might want to do some reading about this if you want to follow this path. However there are other ways you can do this. One way would be by downloading the theme.css file from your server, and using a tool such as this: http://tools.bin63.com/javascript-minifier-unminifier you can upload it and unminify it, then edit it locally and once you've finished, upload it again to minify it. Once you're done upload the minified version back to your server. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, You forgot to add a semicolon after "max-width: 100%" This is how it looks: #header .logo { max-width: 100% width: 300px; } And this is how it should be: #header .logo { max-width: 100%; width: 300px; }
  5. Hi, To find the problem you can try to disable non-prestashop modules and see if page load is affected. In Prestashop v1.6 there is an option at "Advanced Parameters" > Performance called "Disable non PrestaShop modules", I think there should be something similar for prestashop v1.5 too. After that you should enable third party modules one by one and check which is affecting page load. If none of that works then you should consider a new hosting with better specs and newer version of PHP (5.4 is old and slow). Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, Thank you for letting me know of this issue. It is fixed now. The module can be downloaded, for free, from: - Github: https://github.com/PremiumPresta/Product-Combinations-Price-Range - our website: http://premiumpresta.com/en/modules/23-block-price-range.html
  7. Hi, Please read this topic, it might be related: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/563518-solved-problem-saving-products/
  8. Hi, Please read this topic: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/563518-solved-problem-saving-products/
  9. Hi, this should work by default with PrestaShop. You might have a javascript error on your page and it could be preventing the price to change. Can you send me a link to your website so I can have a look? Also you can check out this free module which displays the product price based on how much quantity the user inputs: http://premiumpresta.com/en/modules/24-product-price-by-quantity.html
  10. Hi, I've sent you a PM. If you still need this let me know.
  11. Good job. Product pages load in 2.5s now instead of ~9s with facebook
  12. A quick way to fix it is to add this CSS to product.css file. #buy_block { margin-bottom: 50px; }
  13. I notice product pages are really slow. It's coming from the facebook button with counter, you should remove this and test if product pages are still loading slow and decide if this feature is worth keeping. The next thing is an error showing up in the console, you might want to look into this as it may affect payments on your store. Merchant id is required for setup! checkout.js:1071 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'app' of null checkout.js:1175 Other than this you might want to spend more time on improving the quality of the images, overall looks good.
  14. I like what you did with the homepage, it looks very good. One thing I noticed is at the checkout the last row of the table, the one with the total is not aligned with the rest of the fields. Great work.
  15. Everything looks ok to me. It's basically the default theme with some little changes. The popup is a little bit annoying by getting in the way of seeing the content, maybe you could make it appear only on the homepage. For me it's loading very fast which is a good. Down the road you might want to invest in a new design or a new theme as sales come in, but I think this is good as a start.
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