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Merchants receiving confirmation mail on orders being cancelled


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Hi Team Prestashop,

   I have my website live now but there is a small problem with the mail . The mail configurations are perfect and is working. 


But even a customer cancells his order half the way... It is considered payment error or cancelled order. So customer is receiving a mail confirmation  on cancelled order but the problem is I as a merchant I am also receiving mail but its not a cancelled mail its a new order place mail template. 


Can anyone help me with this asap. My website www.theethnicstory.com

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So how am I suppose to solve this. 


IT can be any of this two solutions.


1)  I either don't receive a mail itself on cancellation of order else 


2) I receive a cancel mail same as the customer.




Can anyone help me with this . I am facing huge problem if I track orders as per my email. 

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I m ofcourse receiving a mail as new order placed even if the the customer has got a payment error. 


But luckily the customer receives a cancellation mail . Although my orders in the BO shows payment error But as a merchant I still receive an mail that the order is being placed. 

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