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"customizableProductsFile" use upload picture in content Box


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i try to use a picture from customer upload in a contentbox on the product page.


Can somebody help me to get the path of the uploaded picture?


I found the  img src for the small preview  in the product.tpl 


<img src="{$pic_dir}{$pictures.$key}_small" alt="" />
How would it be possible to get these variables in the contentbox to show the original uploadpicture there.
Woul be nice if somebody could help!
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when you upload the picture into your content box are you using editor or sample text ? may be more simple if you use editor to find your file ....


I saw mine that images goes into file and url looks   like this:    wwww.mydomain.com/img/cms/my_image.jpg  



hope this help

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Hello bretweb,


thank you for answering! No i use the standard upload for customized products on the product page. The files are saved with a number in the upload direktory. The link (filenumber) to the file is saved in the database.


So what i need is the correct filename of the current uplaod file to show it in the contentbox.

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I think i have to implement the function to get the datafilename from data base, like it's done on the product site with the small preview of upload pictures.


I have already implemented some javascripts in the contentbox to edit some pictures there and i know where the uploaded files are saved but i'm not shure where i get the code for the datafilename from the database.


Has somebody done something similar?


thx in advance!

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