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Group discount to subdirectories


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Just upgraded to 1.6.1 and notice that it's still impossible to point a Group to subdirectories.

We need to offer different discount % to different groups.


Can we expect a fix for this soon? 

Is there a workaround?  

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In if you goto BO/customers/groups then edit the group required....you will see "add a category discount" button



If you click that and then click on the home folder it will open up to subcategory folders where you can then add a discount for different categories



As far as i can tell it is only radio options so can only choose one category


Hope that it what you are looking for 

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Anyone has a solution? I'm really stocked here!


I need to give a discount to dealers but only on some brands located in sub-directories.

AFAIK, only one directory or sub-group can be selected, but I heard there is a workaround.

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