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  1. International/Translations/Front Office Translations then goto Shop/Theme/Checkout and scroll through pages until you find it OR you could add the text you want to edit into the search box and it should find it for you
  2. Try in Shop Parameters/ Product Settings
  3. This only takes the text off from the product page, it still shows in the cart
  4. Mmm not sure why you dont have front office translations in there Worst case scenario is you could use css to hide it Unless someone else can chime in with other suggestions
  5. Back office International/Translations Modify translations....... choose Front Office Translations, select your theme and language Search the word "tax" in the search bar then change as many as you like You may have to change a few places depending on what modules you are using Let us know how you get on
  6. Goto your admin and click on Shop Parameters/Customer Settings then the groups tab From there you can edit the relevant groups to display either tax included or tax excluded Hope this helps ­čśŐ
  7. Well another way is to goto your admin then shop parameters/product settings and set Display unavailable product attributes on the product page to NO This way the product attributes will not show on front so will not be able to add to the cart
  8. Your host hasnt upgraded the PHP version have they ?
  9. A link to your site will help others look into this for you
  10. What version are you using and have you any extensions installed In default it shows clearly combination that is not available
  11. have you got a screenshot of what exactly you want to change or a url of your site
  12. Bit difficult when you post a foreign language in the English section
  13. why not just search for .main-header>.logo { in your admin css file and add display: none;
  14. Well for one that image is from 1.6 not 1.7 And secondly why do you want a home button as you can just click on the store logo ?
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