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  1. If you didn't understood my last reply, you'll never understand ! I won't waste a single more minute here to try to grow your low IQ anymore. If I can't resolve my problem, for sure you and people like you won't get a single cent of my money and all I'll need to do is a backup restoration. But I hope people behind Prestashop will one day notice this thread and see how their customers split to other solutions, because of blood suckers like you ...
  2. Our shop is about our skills, we are engineers that studied years and got specialized with over 30 years of experience. We sell equipment and solutions. All prices are clear at the beginning, Our customers don't have any surprise. Plus, we offer a warranty on everything we do or offer and spend often more time than what we bill to keep our customers happy ! People like you are pretending to try to help, ONLY to waste users time to finally have no other solution, after days expecting a solution, than pay x10 the time spent on their website to fix the issue, without any warranty. Prestashop is known to be the most expensive solution out there. After paying the high price for addons and blablabla, we have to pay people like you to solve the interface bugs ! Why are you on this thread anyways? There are moderators on this forum supposed to help customers for free ! We don't need people like you and the stuffs you sell. Go get a life
  3. ANY MODERATOR LEFT ON THIS FORUM OR ONLY PEOPLE HUNTING CUSTOMERS ??????? It was a BAD mistake to chose Prestashop for our website - NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!
  4. Can anyone please advise ? This issue starts to get VERY problematic to us.
  5. There is no such term on my theme's authentication.cpl :
  6. I'm not sure I follow you. Which template are you referring to ? And where (in which folder) the template file should be ? The form should use the translations right ? So I must be able to find the same exact terms and fields in the translation section. Maybe I'm missing something here ...
  7. Once again thanks for your help but I think I didn't make myself understood As I said, I checked all the translations and I know where to find them since several years that I'm running the website, but I can't find any in French, as the authentication form is displayed in French, or non translated ones. Not only all translation are there (no missing ones), but they are all translated English (capture attached). As I use the warehouse them, I also checked the theme's English version of course. Same thing, all translations are there but the front office authentication form is still showing in French ! It's a bit more complicated than just missing translations.
  8. Thanks for your reply, by the website is in 2 languages since 2 years now and French & English languages activated since. But we noticed lately, thanks to a customer, that the English page registration form fields are back to French and I can't find them anywhere to rectify/edit them. I need to know where are they located and where the country list can be translated into English ?
  9. Hello everyone, I need to find the registration form translations as the formula fields are all in the default language. Same for the Countries drop down menu. But I can't find them with other translations. Can someone point me to please ? We use PS :
  10. Can't enable invoices again

    Is there any other way to update PS ? I haven't seen any downloadable update version. Regarding the modules, just deactivated all 3rd party ones and tried again to activate the invoices after clearing the cache. No improvement !
  11. Can't enable invoices again

    Exactly. The database table of the multicurrency module is fixed now. But our invoice issue is apparently not related to the module issue ! Looks like we are back to start again ... To reply to your question Shokinro, I didn't install any module since 3 months now. Just upgraded from to and that the latest version I get on 1 click upgrade screen capture attached.
  12. Can't enable invoices again

    Thanks for your messages Shokinro. We had the same issue with PS v1.6.1.13, I did upgrade to see if it fixes the issue. In debug mode I get : Caught exception: Table 'audioflo_audiofloat3.ps_multicurrency_product_attribute' doesn't exist UPDATE ps_product_attribute pa INNER JOIN ps_multicurrency_product_attribute mcpa ON pa.id_product_attribute = mcpa.id_product_attribute INNER JOIN ps_multicurrency_product mcp ON mcp.id_product = mcpa.id_product INNER JOIN ps_currency c ON mcp.id_currency = c.id_currency SET pa.price = mcpa.price_impact/c.conversion_rate, pa.unit_price_impact = mcpa.unit_price_impact/c.conversion_rate, mcpa.last_update = "2017-06-15 17:04:52" WHERE mcpa.last_update < "2017-06-15 16:04:52" I'm in contact with the module's developer since 2 days. I hope they can sort it out. I'll be back to update ASAP. Thanks for your help mate
  13. Just noticed that the invoices are disabled as the customers are complaining about not getting them. Checking Orders > Invoices I noticed that "Enable Invoices" is set to : No. Activating it doesn't work. It shows Enabled but as soon as I change tab and back again on invoices, it's back to No as you see on the screen capture attached. I can generate old invoices manually, but only up to June 2nd. Clearing the cache and using different browsers doesn't help. Our PS has been updated today to I'll highly appreciate your help chaps !
  14. Hi all, I have 2 very similar websites. The 1st one is an HTML one and in French language only. The 2nd is made with Prestashop, in French & English. I notice that the HTML website pages that I add get referenced much quicker by Google and they are ranked much higher than the ones made with Prestashop. Lately I did create exactly the same pages, with the same Meta tittle & keywords, text and images, even if the HTML pages are brought online a week after the ones with PS, the HTML ones jumped above the ones made with PS in no time ! I checked everywhere on my PS website to see what I can improve, but reached a dead end now. So any idea/help from your side would be more than appreciated !
  15. After upgrading to & the next day to, I have some products that can be set only to Euros. Etic Soft told me to upgrade to the v7.0.0 but the issue is still the same, all new products added to the store can't have any other currency than Euro. I'm stocked here with tons of news products to add that can't have the correct reference price.