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Furniture Configuration on order


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My client sells sofas, and he wants the customer to be able to select diferent aspects of the produto before ordering it. Do i have any module that gives me efect of one of this 2 links?


1- This is tricky, on clicking in " encomede já" we can select diferent aspects of the sofa and get the right fabric, color etc.



2- This seems more easy, because when we click on "encomendar" we have to select color, and then are relocated to a form, with the selections made.



How can i get this to work? 



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I have done that with clothes, color combinations, etc... in this case we need to select diferent properties that make the hole final product, almost like buying a car online.


I see what you were sayning, but where should i start?

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I would suggest you first determine how many combinations are involved with the more customizable sofa. You accomplish this by making a list of all the attributes and how many options each has and then multiplying all the numbers from the options.


I would also confirm that all combinations exist. It might be the case that certain colours are not available in certain types of leather or something like that.


Depending on the answer to these two questions you'd attack the problem differently.

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