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  1. It seems like you had a bad experience but as someone who has used this module for several years it does exactly as advertised -- it bypasses the PrestaShop Attribute Generator and allows for an unlimited number of attributes. I have products with a dozen plus attributes with each attribute having between two and ten possible values meaning that I have products with hundreds of thousands of possible combinations and in some cases millions of combinations. That is not possible with the normal PrestaShop attribute method which is limited to a few thousand possible attribute permutations. With respect to support while I haven't needed any assistance in over a year the few times, I needed assistance early on the support was always excellent. They even helped when I was having issues with one of their free modules.
  2. Post the URL to your store? Unless it is a new development there is no self-protection feature. My first guess would be that whatever you or your hosting company uses as a firewall got triggered by the spike in bots using your contact form. Once this is resolved you need to change the contact form so that it has some kind of captcha. There are numerous tutorials online.
  3. Your problem is that you are using GoDaddy. You'll regret that if your store gets any serious traffic. Also, the people handling their support don't know anything. If you insist on continuing with GoDaddy and their one-click install is broken which is what seems to be the case then you can try calling support and asking to elevate the call to a higher level of support who might be able to help you or you could ask for shell access and try to fix the issue yourself.
  4. I don't see why you'd use a panel for an internal server -- this could be an issue caused by the panel.
  5. My suggestion would be the same as razaro to use the Presto Changeo module if you could get it to work -- when I used shared hosting I was able to change php variables so I'd check if that is an option. Running an e-commerce site on shared hosting causes too many issues so I would suggest switching to VPS hosting. As for other options -- there are multiple options for programs that will sync the files on an FTP site. Just google sync FTP site and pick whatever you are most comfortable with. The database is a little more challenging but I've seen dockers for utilities that will connect to a remote database and create a backup on a schedule. Also, in my experience most shared hosting offers backups automatically. It has been a couple of years since I used shared hosting for anything but when I did I used to be able to just restore everything by contacting support.
  6. The default FedEx module that comes with PrestaShop works on weight alone which gives you an approximate shipping cost when using multiple boxes -- I used it for a few months and shipping 150lbs in 2 75lb boxes vs shipping it as one 150lb box was basically the same cost (+/- $5). I didn't really care about the shipping being off by a few dollars but the problem with this is that FedEx has a max weight for a single box that I believe was 300lbs and we had orders exceeding that weight that would ship out in multiple boxes but this would result in no shipping quote from FedEx as the API would reject the box as being too heavy. My solution was to switch to Presto Chango's FedEx Module which handles multiple boxes. https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-shipping-modules/137-prestashop-fedex-module.html The problem is that this will not fix your one product in multiple boxes problem since it is for figuring out how to get multiple products into the best combination of boxes. To address your issue without getting into custom work you'd need to use the Presto Chango module + figure out a way to treat the table as two products using something like a product pack. I've never used packs but it should get you where you want to go.
  7. You need to give more details of why moving the store manually did not work.
  8. I'm having a problem with saving sale notification e-mails from PrestaShop as text -- when I save any other e-mail I have in Outlook 2016 as text I get what I expect. When I try to save e-mails sent to me from PrestaShop informing me of an order as text I get mostly one character per line with some lines having a few characters but basically completely useless. Why would that be the case and how do I fix it?
  9. You don't need a module -- just go to orders and there is a button that allows you to download an invoice in PDF format.
  10. If you assign a value to the field when hiding them you can then just hide them without needing to worry about them being required.
  11. Do you still have a working store on the original server? If yes move the store manually not using cPanel.
  12. You can do what you want without a module. Where you would start to run into problems is that print products will have a very large number of combinations which could be an issue. You might also have options that are conditional in which case for that you would need a module. The big issue with print products is dealing with fix quantities which there is no module or way to do it without hacking at the code.
  13. What do you mean by change controllers? I've been having 5-6 Russian e-mails per day for the last few weeks.
  14. I've been running Prestashop 1.6 with php 7.x and no issues. I think I'm using 7.0 but can't remember.
  15. I don't think so. I've seen a claim that it is possible but it seems excessively complicated and not worth doing. You can easily switch to MariaDB but not MondoDB. You could likely greatly improve performance with a server optimized for SQL
  16. You don't do anything with PrestaShop. You place the file you get from Google in the top directory of your server.
  17. I use https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-modules/70-76-prestashop-location-detection-module.html#/25-prestashop_version-all_versions and it has worked fine for a few years. Changes the store currency and language based on the geolocation of the IP.
  18. My firewall won't let me look at your site but the most likely reason I have seen for slow sites is bad hosting.
  19. I'm just getting back into working on PrestaShop but like yourself I don't use PrestaShop for inventory and I removed the available from the product page. That said I don't remember which method I used so these are the two options. 1) Try disabling Stock Management -- I am fairly certain that if you disable stock management then the available disappears. 2) Edit Product.tpl and remove or comment out the lines that display the available amount. Originally when I started using PrestaShop I believe I had to use method #2 but I think in more recent versions disabling Stock Management gets rid of the available quantity on the product page without needing to edit core files. If it doesn't then #2 will work
  20. I don't use Google Shopping but I'm pretty sure what they want you to do is verify that you own the site much like you need to do when using Google Webmaster Tools. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35179?hl=en There are a few ways to do that but what I find easiest is to download the file Google gives you and just put it in the top directory of your server. Google assumes that if you can put files on the server then you must own it.
  21. I never solved it but the problem went away when I moved the store to better hosting. The motivation for moving the store was not this issue but simply that the store was too slow but it seems to have fixed this issue as well. That leads me to believe it was likely a timeout issue of some kind.
  22. That isn't a cheap module -- I tried to watch the video but it is in French and I'm too tired to try to figure out what exactly the module offers. I don't mind pay for modules when there is value but this doesn't look like it does much. From what I can see it basically just seems to be predefined print specific attributes. If that is it then this isn't worth it as you better off creating your own. Maybe there is more to this module but just looking at it for a few minutes I don't see why anyone would pay that much.
  23. If you're on shared hosting from a legitimate company it is unlikely that there would be a vulnerability in their server setup. If you have shared hosting from a smaller outfit then maybe -- I see people who are asking basic questions on sysadmin sites all the time who I later find out run their own micro hosting company. It is actually really scary. From a legitimate hosting company it won't be the server and the WP sites would only be a factor if they are part of your account which would make them your sites presumably unless you're sharing a shared hosting account. Shared hosting really limits what you can do to find the issue. Most auditing options require root which you won't have. Unrelated to the hacking but shared hosting just isn't appropriate for e-commerce beyond the hobby/entry store level. I'd consider moving to a VPS hosted system at some point I tried running a store on GoDaddy and it was costing a few thousand in sales a week because of how slow it was. I moved to a better-shared hosting and it improved a lot but wasn't great but that only lasted a year before EIG bought the company and ruined it. Once I switched to VPS store was much faster and sales increased dramatically / abandoned carts decreased.
  24. I was able to identify all the foreign files by the date stamp. I don't remember which locations they were in but they were definitely in two different locations and maybe three. One set of files was acting as a fetcher so would regularly replace the files that I deleted. Once I deleted the all of them it stopped. To double check I then downloaded the entire site and downloaded the same version from PrestaShop. I used Beyond Compare but any difference software will do. Depending on how custom you've gone with your store you'll get between a few and a lot of hits for files that are different and you should be able to trace back / explain every difference. I'd also suggest Installing a change detection system. That won't keep them out but you'll know pretty quickly and be able to address it Beyond that, it is a matter of finding how they are getting the files on your server. In my case, it was a published vulnerability in a module. Since upgrading to current version of the module I have had no problems. Any kind of module that allows for file uploads would be where I start. If it isn't a vulnerability in the site then it would be a vulnerability in the server itself. The options there would depend on how you're handling hosting. Are you shared hosting or VPS? Do you use a panel? Are there any other CMS on the same server? If you can't find it even after that you'll have to install some kind of system auditing software and just wait for it to happen. Once it does the how will be in the logs and once you know how fixing it should be simple.
  25. I switched to PHP 7 from some version of 5 several months ago and have seen no new issues with PrestaShop 1.6
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