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New script interfering with homepage slider and new arrivals modules


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I've embedded my youtube channel using a module called youmax. The script has been added to htmlbox on the homepage and after a bit of work is displaying fine. The problem I have is that, since adding this code to htmlbox, the homepage slider has stopped scrolling and the buttons have disappeared. The 'new arrivals' module has also stopped displaying any products when the page loads and will only display the products when the text is clicked on. If I disable htmlbox then everything returns to normal.


Is there any way that I can get all of this working again without having to delete the code I've added to the htmlbox?


The shop url is http://www.thelearningemporium.co.uk/shop/


Thanks in advance,



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Clear and simple, if the code interfere in Prestashop core code, you should: or not use, or rework the code by the manner to have it working without creating troubles.


Is it not possible to add the code directly as {literal} to a template file or in another form ? A paid module from addons on which you can add YT or other videos as well ?

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I've tried adding {literal} but there was no change. From doing a little more reading this morning I think it is down to a jQuery conflict, particularly the use of $. I tried replacing $ with var jq = $.noConflict();jq in the htmlbox code and this resulted in the slider buttons reappearing, but there is still no functionality and the the new arrivals still don't show. Any further thoughts of what I could try with reference to no conflict code would be great. I'm a complete novice so am really struggling with this one.

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Nevermind; I've somehow just managed to solve this myself. I'm not 100% sure how but it's working and that's all that matters. It seems that the previous code needed 'true' adding to it. So for anyone finding this page in future with similar problems, this is what I did:


If your are using the jQuery shortcut '$' in your htmlbox and this is conflicting with other jQuery script on your page, find and replace $ with var jq = jQuery.noConflict(true);jq


That's it, simple as that in the end.

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