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How can I use long product ID


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I want to use the EAN code number as product ID, but Prestashop won't let me, it says that the product can not be saved.

I'm guessing it's because the ID is too long.


If I shorten it to 9 digits, it works.


How can I make Prestashop accept 13 digits IDs? It's very important, I have more that 50.000 products and using the EAN code would dimplify my work.



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Ean code field is available as a separate field in prestashop on the PRODUCT and COMBINATIONS so you can have the ean code against your products but not as the product-id.


The field size may be the issue, but if you wanted to increase the size of the field you would have to do this on all product related tables where the id is located. I think this would be a waste of your time, as well as potentially causing problems with the code.

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