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I have been having issues with the USPS module and FedEx Modules for PrestaShop Version We are using this version still because it is the most Stable.


USPS Module Ver 1.2.3 by PrestaShop

The issue with this is we are using Priority Shipping. If it is in California it gives me a lower rate than if I was shipping to Arizona or New York. It also doesnt take into account the insurance. We insure anything over $60 but we take a loss if someone order something and they get USPS and the product needs to be insured. I tried adjusting the weight and the price to see if it affects the prices. The only thing that affects it is the address of the customers.


Fedex Carrier v1.2.6 by PrestaShop

There is a price fluctuation if the customer refreshes the page. 

I made some tests and here are the results with all three carriers we use.

First test

  USPS FEDEX UPS TX 12.2 21.72 17.96 GA 15.5 18.32 19.18 CA 6.7 19.36 15.38 NY  15.5 22.82 19.18 WI 13.1 22.17 18.46


Second Test

  USPS FEDEX UPS TX 12.2 17.22 17.96 GA 15.5 18.32 19.18 CA 6.7 14.86 15.38 NY  15.5 18.32 19.18 WI 13.1 17.67 18.46



The Item and weight didnt change. For some reason refreshing triggers the shipping calculation and give a cheaper rate. These two modules dont have many options to edit. Even tough some things were changed it didnt affect the overall pricing.


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