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Product list not working on prestashop  

  1. 1. What is the modification to be done in nbr-product-page

    • Do I have to modify product-sort.tpl file?
    • Do I have to customize any other file?

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I have a french multi-store website with 1000+ products. I am using 1.6.x version of prestashop since 9 months.

Problem is, the product display for a selected category is not working.


For example, a category has 230 products and initially 10 products are displayed in the page. I change the "lister" value in the dropdown to 20 and 20 products are displayed. But, when I change the display value to 50, page still displays 20 products. I change the value to maximum, i.e., 230 and yet, only 20 products are displayed.


In my back office, I have set the minimum display to 10 products. I found that the source is present in nbr-product-page.tpl


But I am not sure what I have to modify to get it working.


Here is my Website : http://www.maxihalalmarket.com/fr

Steps to reproduce - Expand the category "Epicerie" > click on the sub category "Epicerie Fine". > 10 products are displayed > choose the value 50 from the dropdown, lister > only 20 products are displayed  


I really appreciate any kind of help as I am stuck on this since a week and not sure what I have to modify. :(

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