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  1. I want to add another column in the product page in the back office in prestashop but the methods i found online are outdated or do not work , can someone give me a clue ?
  2. Product Size Chart The Size Chart Module allows the store admin to display a size chart on the product page to help the customers select the right fit for themselves. It is one of the must-have extensions for your store if you sell clothing, footwear, and similar products for which size is an important factor. This can help you to improve the user experience. By helping the customers choose the perfect product for themselves, you can even reduce the returns request of the site. More info and purchase here: Product Size Chart FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Features of the Size Chart Module: 1) Admin can add the 2-dimensional chart with multiple columns and rows. 2) Admin can create multiple size charts and map these charts with the Manufacture, Category or Individual products. 3) Preview the size chart design. 4) Add sizing guideline/instructions with the size chart. Customer benefits: 1) The size chart helps the customers to select the right size. 2) Size chart improves the user experience.
  3. I"m facing issue in my category page its showing one product two time. Some of product coming two times.In backend I cjecked its showing one product category page showing two times
  4. Hi everyone. I would like some help please regarding my website. I use prestashop 1.7.5 theme PRSADD040 & website is www.gr8-kitchenware.co.uk I've attached a screenshot for you to see the issue, on mobiles and tablets the two quantity arrows are in the wrong place and have shifted slightly. This is on each product page. Desktops are not affected by this problem. If someone could please help me with how to put them in line with the quantity I would be truly grafetul! Many thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I would like some help please regarding my website. I use prestashop 1.7.5 theme PRSADD040 & website is www.gr8-kitchenware.co.uk When I view product photos on mobile site they are stacked under each other. I would like them to be side by side so that they do not take up as much vertical space. I can achieve this by changing line 887 of global CSS to 33% instead of 100% (as shown in screenshots). However, when I do this it also messes up my checkout page width and makes it look ridiculous (as shown). Does anyone know how I can make the photos horizontally next to each other and keep my checkout page at 100% width please? Thank you so much' -Layton.
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question. How I can translate the 3 blocks in product page. Coz I found it once a couple of years ago and now I cant find the link in the admin panel to make translations and change URLs. Screenshot - https://prnt.sc/CG4M61i-YkVK
  7. Hi everyone; I recently updated my Prestashop version to 1.7.8. After the updrage, everything works well except for the fact that there is an error 500 (crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.) when a product is being clicked to load product details. I have tried several solutions to no avail. I will very much appreciate it if anyone can provide for me a lasting solution. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm currently trying insert a couple of divs between the price and the add to cart button on the product page (example page below). I'd be fine with adding it before the price block as well. I've tried out using displayProductPriceBlock but it repeats multiple times across the different partials it's called in. Moreover, displayRightColumnProduct and displayLeftColumnProduct do not work as the default template is fullwidth and does not have the right or left columns. I've looked up custom hooks but it seems to need manual installation but that since I'm building a module, it need to be plug and play without client intervention. Anyone got any tips for me ? Thanks, Vaz
  9. Hello, I'm in the middle of redesigning my site on a test version and currently, I'm adding the multishopt. I want to display different buttons on the product pages of each store. For example: - on the product page of store 1, I just want to display an add to cart button. - on the product page of store 2, I want to display another button for click and collect in this store. How can I make the buttons display differently depending on which store I'm on? I looked and tried with $id_store == store id number but it was not conclusive. Thanks for your help,
  10. Hi everyone, I need some help regarding my category tree please. I use the theme PRSADD040 and am using Prestashop 1.7.5. My website URL is http://www.gr8-kitchenware.co.uk On the home page my category list is displayed on the left hand side as shown in the photos attached. However, when I am viewing my website on a product page, the category list disappears. This happens across all mobile and desktop devices. Can someone please advice me as to how I can sort this problem. It will be a huge help. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, Not sure what happened, but out of a sudden I am not able access the product page when I click on a product in my FO. This is the error I'm getting Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: CartPresenter can only present instance of Cart in C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\src\Adapter\Presenter\Cart\CartPresenter.php:315 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\classes\controller\FrontController.php(501):PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\Presenter\Cart\CartPresenter->present(NULL) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\classes\controller\FrontController.php(567):FrontControllerCore->assignGeneralPurposeVariables() #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\classes\controller\Controller.php(306):FontControllerCore->initContent() #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\classes\Dispatcher.php(518): ControllerCore->run() #4 C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\index.php(28): DispatcherCore->dispatch() #5 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\src\Adapter\Presenter\Cart\CartPresenter.php on line 315 I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the shopping cart module, but nothing changes. I couldn't find any other solutions anywhere for this. Can anyone help me out please? Its pretty urgent.
  12. Hi, as i wrote on title i need to change cost price as it seems wrong. Choose a product, hit tab "Pricing" and check "Cost Price"; it's the same price of "Retail Price" while it should be lower. Maybe the cell calls the wrong value? I guess "Cost Price" should be the same of tab "Options" and go see bottom at supplier reference--> "prices" that the real Cost Price and it's really out of sight. How do i change "cost price" on "Pricing" tab calling the right price on "Options" tab? Thanks, NicholasIT edit: typos
  13. Attribut / champ de produit avancé Le module Attribut / champ de produit avancé permet à l’administrateur de la boutique d’ajouter les champs supplémentaires sur la page du produit. En ajoutant des champs supplémentaires sur la page du produit, l’administrateur du magasin peut fournir aux clients des informations plus pertinentes sur le produit. En utilisant ce module, l'administrateur peut ajouter des champs supplémentaires tels que - Zone de texte, Case à cocher, Boutons radio, Champs de date, etc. Admin peut activer le paramètre pour afficher les champs personnalisés de la facture. Plus d'infos et acheter ici: Attribut / champ de produit avancé Démo Boutique Démo Back office Avantages du module avancé d'attribut de produit / de terrain: L'administrateur peut afficher des informations supplémentaires sur les produits aux clients. Ces informations supplémentaires aident le client à prendre sa décision d’achat. Si vous vendez des articles spécifiques nécessitant plus de détails, ce module est la meilleure solution pour votre entreprise. Ce module permet également à l’administrateur du magasin de rassembler les entrées client. L'administrateur peut sélectionner l'option permettant d'afficher la réponse du client sur la facture. Caractéristiques du module attribut de produit / champ avancé: 1) Interface conviviale: l’administrateur du magasin peut installer et configurer facilement le module. 2) L'administrateur peut ajouter plusieurs champs sur la page du produit pour afficher les informations supplémentaires destinées aux clients. 3) L’administrateur peut ajouter des champs tels que zone de texte, boutons radio, cases à cocher, date, etc. 4) L'administrateur peut rendre les champs personnalisés obligatoires. 5) L'administrateur peut ajouter les champs personnalisés aux produits sélectionnés ou à tous les produits. 6) Ce module permet aux clients de saisir leurs choix. 7) L'administrateur peut activer le paramètre pour afficher les entrées du client dans la facture. 8) Multilingual Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/declinaisons-personnalisation/30327-knowband-attribut-champ-de-produit-avance.html
  14. Advance Product Attribute/Field Module The Advance Product Attribute/Filed module allows the store admin to add the additional fields on the product page. By adding additional fields on the product page the store admin can provide more relevant information to the customers regarding the product. By using this module the admin can add the additional fields like - TextBox, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Date fields etc. Admin can enable the setting to display the custom fields to the invoice. More Info and purchase here: Advance Product Attribute/Field Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Benefits of Custom Product Attribute/Field Module: The admin can display additional information regarding the products to the customers. This additional information helps the customer to make their purchase decision. In case you sell some specific items which need more details then this module is the best solution for your business. This module also allows the store admin to gather the customer inputs. Admin can select the option to display the customer response on the invoice. Features of the Advance Product Attribute/Field on Product Page Module: 1) User-friendly interface: The store admin can install and configure the module with ease. 2) Admin can add multiple fields on the product page to display the additional information to the customers. 3) Admin can add the fields like TextBox, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Date etc. 4) Admin can make the custom fields mandatory. 5) Admin can add the custom fields to selected products or all products. 6) This module allows the customers to input their choices. 7) Admin can enable the setting to display the customer inputs in the invoice. 8) Multilingual Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/30327-knowband-advance-product-attribute-field.html
  15. Hello, If a product belongs to several categories, could you tell me how to display these category names in a product page (Prestashop (that the name of the category of the last level) in the form of "link" And if it is possible exclude this display on 1 categories. ...to display in my product pages which categories this product belongs to. To have a final result as follows in front affice : This product belongs to the following categories : xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, Thank you for your help.
  16. Product Videos (Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion) Module As the eCommerce is rapidly shifting towards the mobile commerce so it is really important for the businesses owners to display the most relevant information to the customers on the product page. Videos are the best way to highlight the features of the products and customers also prefers to watch the video of the product to know the details of the products. The Product Video module allows the store admin to add the video on the product page so that customers can watch the video. Video marketing is emerging rapidly and customers also like to watch the video instead of reading the product description. By using the Product Video module the store admin can display the product video from the Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Admin just needs to install and enable the Product Video module on their store, after that admin can add the link of the video to the product page. More info and purchase here: Product Videos (Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion) Module FRONT DEMO BACK OFFICE DEMO Features of the Product Videos (Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion) Module: 1) User-friendly interface: The admin can enable the product video on the product page by installing the Product Video module. 2) Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion: The admin can display the product video from the Youtube channel, Vimeo or Dailymotion. 3) Product Video Tab: On enabling the module a "Product Video" tab will be added to the Catalog >> Product. From here admin can enable the product video for the individual products. 4) Product Video Form: In order to set up the video on the product page admin needs to enter the details in the Product Video Form. There are following fields in the Product Video Form: Video Name: Enter the Video Name. Video Type: Here admin can specify the channel like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Video URL: Admin needs to enter the URL of the video. Video Thumbnail: On entering the product URL the thumbnail will automatically be generated but admin can also upload the video thumbnail in PNG or JPEG format. Default Video: Admin can select the default video for the product. 5) Add multiple videos: The Product Video module allows the store admin to add multiple videos on the product page. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/videos-music/23877-knowband-product-videos-youtubevimeo-dailymotion.html
  17. Hi everyone, When I use the catalogue price rule to get the volume discount on the product page, I get an error if i want to display the discounted price: ContextErrorException Notice: Undefined index: reduction_with_tax (the option "showing the discount" (ie. "-5%") does work) In the catalogue price rules I have the option "reduction with or without taxes" on "VAT excluded" Because my whole shop is ex VAT. When I change this setting to "VAT included" the error disappears and the correct price is displayed. I would like to have the price without VAT of course. Does anyone have a clue how to fix this? I first got it in version 1.7.6 and after new install 1.7.7 it's still there.
  18. Hello everyone, I need help with something that I've been days trying to resolve and I go direct to the point. I need to display in the checkout, specifically in the block of the cart summary the cart rules that I've applied to some products and categories but I need that no matter what is the amount of those specific products, the rules shows it to let it know to the client that the product that is buying is inside a promotion or an offer if he buy more quantity. The rules have a minimum amount and 2 restrictions, by group of clients and by products (or categories). Inside the product restriction we have a minimun number of products required in the cart to show the cart rule and it needs to be a minimun of quantity. I also need to show the cart rules in the products that are assigned in some cart rule. Kind Regards.
  19. Boutons Précédent et Suivant Précédent Suivant Le module Boutons de la page du produit permet à l’administrateur du magasin de fournir une interface aux clients afin qu’ils puissent accéder aux produits à partir de la page de détails du produit en cliquant simplement sur le bouton suivant. Cela permet au client de gagner du temps, car il peut vérifier les détails du produit de tous les produits énumérés dans une catégorie particulière. Ce module contribue à améliorer l'expérience client. Plus d'infos et acheter ici: Boutons Précédent et Suivant Démo Boutique Démo Back office Caractéristiques des modules Précédent et Suivant du module de page de produit: 1) installation facile. 2) L'administrateur peut activer les paramètres afin que les clients puissent parcourir le prochain produit en cliquant sur le bouton suivant de l'ordinateur portable / de bureau. 3) L’administrateur peut sélectionner les icônes des boutons Précédent / Suivant. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/outils-navigation/21493-knowband-boutons-precedent-et-suivant.html
  20. Previous Next Buttons on Product Page Module Previous Next Buttons on Product Page module allows the store admin to provide an interface to the customers so that they can access the products from the product details page by just clicking the next button. It saves the time of the customer as they can check the product details of all the products listed under a particular category. This module helps to improve the customer experience. More info and purchase here: Previous Next Buttons on Product Page FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Features of the Previous and Next Buttons on Product Page Module: 1) Easy installation. 2) Admin can enable the settings so that customers can browse the next product by the click of the next button the laptop/desktop. 3) Admin can select the icons for the Previous/Next buttons. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/navigation-tools/21493-knowband-previous-next-buttons-on-product-page.html
  21. I searched the forums and could not find this answer so apologies if I missed it. I am designing our new website using prestashop and have it down pretty good except I do not know exactly how to add multiple prices per product. On our current website I can add one product then give it multiple prices (50ml, 100ml, 500ml etc) and when that size is added to the cart it will calculate the new price based on the pricing I set up in the backend. Example can be found below of it working live. Just need to know how to o this in prestas BO. Thanks! http://www.innov-research.com/innov2010/shop/6-animal-biologicals/33-plasmas/101-beagle-plasma
  22. Hi, i'm in trouble with the migration of prestashop from local (wamp) to server. My problem is that after I change color or size, it disappear. It seems that some javascript is not executed (i don't know if it's important i'm a newbie). I don't have this problem in local and there is not error in console javascript and not even in php error log. I've already tried to set default theme but the problem still there. It seems to be a problem of core.js file in theme folder. If you wanna try, this is the url https://b2b.florence-bags.com/it/borse/47-207-borsa-alas-0312.html#/2-dimensione-m/5-colore-grigio . I attach prestashop info.
  23. Hello, I'm working on Prestashop - FashionSEO theme The site is under construction and will be launched with only 10 products. So I enter them manually. It's a liquid product available in 5L, 60L, and 200L. -> Packaging attribute and the values 5, 60 and 200 (see screenshots) When I made my first product sheet (two days ago), it was working on the back office and the front end. Since then, I have created a second similar product with the same choice of packaging and I cannot generate my 3 attributes, nor save my modifications. This also does in my first product sheet. In addition, they no longer appear in the back office but I find them in the front end. I emptied my nav cache and tried in another. Nothing I have emptied the Prestashop cache. Nothing I deleted my existing attribute to make a new one. Following that I can not assign it to any of my two productions. Do you have any idea where this might come from? Thank you all in advance.
  24. Everything works well and I had friendly URL on my website until I tried to work with Advanced SEO plugin. After changing some titles things I got 404 error for products. Even after removing it from module I get the same issue. For catalog and other pages everything works fine. Only product pages got this issue. Cache is off Switching to debugging mode with switching off all 3rd party plugins doesn't help me to solve this issue. Do you have any ideas how to treat this? Here is a link to some page that give me 404 error http://buy.guinot.su/ukhod-za-kozhej-v-oblasti-glaz/258-hydrazone-yeux-intensivnyj-uvlazhnyayusshij-krem-dlitelnogo-dejstviya-dlya-oblasti-glaz.html here is how it looked like - from google cache. It is the same url no changes http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_MajRol4sFAJ:buy.guinot.su/ukhod-za-kozhej-v-oblasti-glaz/258-hydrazone-yeux-intensivnyj-uvlazhnyayusshij-krem-dlitelnogo-dejstviya-dlya-oblasti-glaz.html+&cd=1&hl=ru&ct=clnk&gl=ru
  25. Hi. I'm trying to show in product page the supplier reference according to combination selected (like the default reference sku does). I assigned the supplier and the supplier reference in BO for each combination attribute (in product option TAB). With code: {$product.supplier_reference} in product.tpl and product-variants.tpl, nothing show up . Any clue for this ? Thanks Ps: 1.7.2
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