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  1. Hi, I have a french multi-store website with 1000+ products. I am using 1.6.x version of prestashop since 9 months. Problem is, the product display for a selected category is not working. For example, a category has 230 products and initially 10 products are displayed in the page. I change the "lister" value in the dropdown to 20 and 20 products are displayed. But, when I change the display value to 50, page still displays 20 products. I change the value to maximum, i.e., 230 and yet, only 20 products are displayed. In my back office, I have set the minimum display to 10 products. I found that the source is present in nbr-product-page.tpl But I am not sure what I have to modify to get it working. Here is my Website : http://www.maxihalalmarket.com/fr Steps to reproduce - Expand the category "Epicerie" > click on the sub category "Epicerie Fine". > 10 products are displayed > choose the value 50 from the dropdown, lister > only 20 products are displayed I really appreciate any kind of help as I am stuck on this since a week and not sure what I have to modify.
  2. Hi Vekia, I am having same issue. My product comparison works in IE, Mozilla firefox and safari but does not work in chrome. I cam unable to locate the source of the problem. I use 1.6 version of prestashop and I dont use default theme. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Prerana
  3. Hi, I have updated my config file to the new password but I still receive the same error. Is there a table that I need to update in phpmyadmin? If yes, can you tell me the table name please? Thanks. Regards, Prerana
  4. Hi CSilva, Were you able to figure out how to make the expanded categories close when i click in another one? If yes, please post the solution. Waiting for it. Regards, Prerana
  5. Hi flamedtofu, I used your snippet. I have no errors being displayed when I enter the comment. But I'm just wondering where is the comment displayed exactly! If anyone can clarify this for me, it would be great! Thanks in advance. Reards, Prerana
  6. Hi, May be unrelated, but a curious question. How do I delete all the existing categories via query execution? Is it something like, DELETE FROM ps_category WHERE id_category='2' Regards, Prerana
  7. Hi nutxlago, I did this. I added the categories on the right part of available items to the left part to position them. But it didn't work. I will try again and get back. Regards, Prerana
  8. Hi sous.studio, Since I have already chosen this platform, I have no option of backing out. I think I understand what you mean. Thanks anyway. Regards, Prerana
  9. Hi, I did the same while I created my new store. Now I have 2 stores. I imported few categories from my default store whilst creating new store. I want to add more categories now. Hence, I followed the same method of importing categories to my store by CSV import like I did previously. All of a sudden, all categories are disappeared. Any help? Regards, Prerana
  10. Hi, This means, when you enable multishop & create multistores, you get an option of importing categories from your default store. This is where you can choose what categories you want in your newly created store. Hope this helps. Regards, Prerana
  11. Hi, I have exactly the same problem! Is there any solution to this? I dint have any problem of uploading categories while I had single store. Prestashop experts, please help! Regards, Prerana
  12. Hi, I am also trying something similar. May I know why you want to add the second store in a sub domain? because if your server offers a redirection rule then you can have both stores on the same server. Regards, Prerana
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