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Order on invoice. Valid put not paid


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We use our prestashop for all our orders.

A lot of people use the regular way to place an online order, but we also have a lot of clients who just send an email, or order by phone.

For that group we place a backoffice order, and most of them will be paid later (on invoice)


These orders are valid, but not yet paid. But I can't find out how to make a difference between that.


I have an order status "Order on invoice" this is set on valid order, but I unchecked the "set as paid" option.

But somehow it still sees the order as paid.

Because in the B2B outstanding page these orders do not show up.


They only show up there when I uncheck the "Valid order" in the orderstatus. But then the amount the customer spends is not taken into account in the revenue stats.


and I need to see an overview of outstanding amounts so I can ask client to pay.



Anyone with the same problem or anyone who knows a way to fix this?


Thanks in advance

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