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[Solved] Installation Problem - Version 0.9, just got blank page..

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i just knew about prestashop and start to love it..then i try to install it into my hosting.. anyway my hosting support php 5.2.1 but just have mysql 4.1.22 version..after finished installation and delete install directory i try to run prestashop..but then i just got blank white page..i try to refresh by press f5 button..but all i get is just white blank pages..


i just want to know..is it possible for prestashop to be installed on mysql 4.1.22 which have php 5.2.1 support? Thanks for ur attantion.

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Hi artatec. Welcome to the PrestaShop Forum!


Some users have reported success with installing it using MySQL 4.1.22; however, we have not investigated it, so I can't tell you what to do to make that work.  Our dev team is out of the office today, but I'll ask them tomorrow if there's anything one can do to make PrestaShop work with your configuration.


The better solution, however, would be to ask your hosting service to upgrade to MySQL 5.  It's free open-source software, too.  (For now---hopefully Sun will keep it that way. :) )

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