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Adding custom information in mail alerts to customer on order confirmation

Lakshmanan PHP

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My prestashop version is

Engilsh is the default value


I want to add a custom information (delivery time) in order confirmation email


I've tried :




added extra element {my_delivery_time} in $template_vars


then added the same in /base_dir/mails/en/order_conf.html


I got the raw text {my_delivery_time} printed in email, but the value is not shown in output



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Hello ventura ,

thank you for your answer,   but at the moment it did not help for me.  Maybe i have to explain a little more:

In the order_conf mail which is sent to the customer, there is no “delivery time” given near each item. It is necessary by law to give the delivery time for each item in this e-mail to the customer, so we have to find a solution to include this in the email.
The delivery time has to be the same as given in the shop for each item near the price.

I am not sure if this problem came from the core of Prestashop, or theme or module “advancedeucompliance”  (which we have to use here in EU) or from all of them when they are working together.

I think -usually- the delivery time should appear in the order_conf mail, but it doesnt? Or is this not supported by Prestashop shopsystem by default?

Do you know where we can have a look at or what to change ?


To get this from product site, it should be someting like this:
<span class="label label-success" id="availability_value">2-3 days</span>

or to get it from cart, it should be something like this:
<td class="cart_avail"><span class="label label-success">2-3 days</span></td>


But i need more help how to define this.  I think i am able to add it in the email-template, but i am not a programmer and need help with the steps before.


(attached a picture how it should look, not a picture from our shop, only for example)

thank you 


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I face the same problem. I am using but in the order confirmation email there isnt any delivery time (estimated) shown. 

Therefore i made the same changes in my PaymentModule.php and my email template. 

It now only shows the RAW {delivery_delay} and not the actual value. 


pls help.

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