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Context and Cookies get lost when 3rd party gateway attempts internal call to module


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I am having serious problem losing all the context and cookie when a payment gateway tries to detect the output from one of the methods of my module. During payment, user is redirected to the 3rd party website (gateway site), makes payment during which it internally scan given module url. I had to output "0" for the gateway for final verification of the payment. This is a crucial step, since that is the point where the order has to be saved into the db.


When I check the prestashop cookies and context, they all appear unset, but if I visit the url directly in the browser all appears in place.


I would appreciate anyone's help.

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Please be more specific about how the gateway is communicating back to your module.  There are typically 2 ways


1) After payment is complete, the customer is redirected back to your prestashop store, using a "return url" that your module provides

2) After payment is complete, the 3rd party gateway is doing a server to server connection back to your module. (This is similar to the way Paypal's IPN works)

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