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How to add Fixed Product Price without Tax + Custom Price with Tax as retail price


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Hello I need to modify my admin side product pricing..
I need two different prices to calculate my product's selling price.

the default price panel has those;

Pre-tax wholesale price

Pre-tax retail price

Tax rule:

Retail price with tax

Unit price

what i need here;

Pre-tax wholesale price: 250

Pre-tax retail price: 400


Pre-tax custom price: 100

Tax rule: %18


Custom price with tax: 118 


Retail price with tax= "Pre-tax retail price" + "Custom price with tax" : 518

Unit price


So i need to apply tax for only custom price and sum it with retail price that doesn't have tax included. Also need to show that pricing on invoice, too.


How could i modify my site's tpl files or what do i need for that customization?

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If you only need to display the custom price, why not calling the default price to custom price (the name only), and adding the retail price as my rrp price tutorial? TPLs to modify are mentioned there





Could you see my reply "Let me explain that again, we have price for the item but also i need to add work price to that item so i call it custom price and i need custom price with tax + item price without tax as total price (tax included) in invoices."

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