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[SOLVED] Set default item selected in html select tag on .tpl file


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Hello, i want to make a normally "simple" thing but i don't know how to do that in prestashop .tpl file ^^


There is the code in my .tpl file :

<h4>{l s='Customization settings' mod='customization'}</h4>
<div class="separation"></div>
		<td class="col-left">
			<label>{l s='Customization is active : '}</label>
				 <select id="activep_field" name="activep_field" style="width: 60px;">
					<option value="yes" selected="selected">{l s='Yes'}</option>
					<option value="no">{l s='No'}</option>


			<p class="preference_description">{l s='Choose if customization is active on this product'}.</p>

In this code, the smarty var $activep contain the value of the setting (stored in DB), actual value is "no" but i don't know how to make the select tag activep_field that select by default the option who have the same value than the $activep var.


Thank in advance for your help :)


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