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volume pricing for product variants


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Hi. All new to Prestashop and have a question:


I need to sell plastic film by the metre. It comes in different widths.


We sell it at a discount based on volume but the discount is non-linear and different for each width. so...


100mm wide, 1m £1.10, 2m £1.15, 3m £1.22, 4m £1.45, 5m £2.10

200mm wide, 1m £1.90, 2m £2.12, 3m £2.55, 4m £3.00, 5m £3.90 and so on up to 40m.


The spec of the film is the same for all widths so don't want separate products for each width.


So the buyer selects the width from a drop down menu then selects the quantity they need. As soon as the quality is selected or entered the price on the page automatically shows the calculated price.


Is there a way to have this setup? Via standard function or via an extra module? Have looked at demo and modules but cannot se anything that will match.


Willing to pay for development if this cannot be performed via off-the-shelf means.


All help greatly appreciated.



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With every size/length combination having a unique price, I don't think there's going to be any simpler way of doing it unless there's some form of complicated calculation you can work out to generate the prices.


Are you using the combination generator? You should be able to select all of the attributes on the side panel and have it generate all 400 of them for you, then you'd just need to add the prices.

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