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I'm trying to change the Prestashop to another domain and server, i made the changes on the database and in the settings.inc. But when i try to access the server i get a redirect to the old domain.

new domain: lookingunique.com

old: esplashstore.com

I have deleted all cache as well, from the server and my browser.


I'm using prestasho




define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost');
define('_DB_NAME_', '*****');
define('_DB_USER_', '*****');
define('_DB_PASSWD_', '*****');
define('_DB_PREFIX_', 'ps_');
define('_MYSQL_ENGINE_', 'InnoDB');
define('_PS_CACHING_SYSTEM_', 'CacheMemcache');
define('_PS_CACHE_ENABLED_', '0');
define('_MEDIA_SERVER_1_', '');
define('_MEDIA_SERVER_2_', '');
define('_MEDIA_SERVER_3_', '');
define('_COOKIE_KEY_', '*****');
define('_COOKIE_IV_', '*****');
define('_PS_CREATION_DATE_', '2014-06-13');
define('_PS_VERSION_', '');
define('_RIJNDAEL_KEY_', '**********');
define('_RIJNDAEL_IV_', '********');
define('_PS_DIRECTORY_', '/../../');
Fixed doing the change by presta panel and sending database again.
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