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Display based on shop ID


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I would like to display a message in the shoppingcart, the one that shows up when you hover over your shoppingcart.


I need a message displayed based on the shop id.


i tried this, in the BLOCKCART.TPL file but it shows nothing:


{if $id_store EQ '3'}

{l s='message to be displayed' mod='blockcart'}



I am not sure if $id_store is the right syntax, i also tried $id_shop, $shopID but nothing didn't work.


thx for you help in advance


We work with prestashop 1.6

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you can get id of shop from {$cart} object


{if $cart->id_shop==1}
do something

Worked perfectly Vekia.  Thanks so much.


Do you know if there is some kind of overview with syntaxes to use to display things?


Kind regards

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How can this kind of logic be achieved in the invoice pdf?
How can we target the id_shop there for a condition?


{if $this->id_shop == 13}

<img src="{$logo_path}" style="width:100px; height:15px;" />

<p> if test </p>


<img src="{$logo_path}" style="width:100px; height:35px;" />

<p> else test</p>


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