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split image folder /p in old v1.3.1.1


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Hi guys,


after years of enjoying our online webshop, we run against the problem that our /p image folder is just growing to bigg with over 150.000 pictures.


we have over 35 special modules that were made on that v1.3.1.1 theme, and if we do upgrade to v1.6 we lose them all.


the only reason we are thinking of to change to 1.6 is just that image folder.

is there any way maybe that we can change something in our version so that the /p image folder is working with split folders in order to decrease the total number of pictures in each folder?


I would really appreciate if somebody can give us a clue or some info about how to do it.


with my best regards for each tip or clue to help us solving this problem.



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@Tuk66 or somebody else, 


is it ever possible to adapt my shop so I can use the split image folder?

I have tried now for 3 days the new theme, but we had so much personal adaptations on our current site, that it is almost impossible to remake them on the new theme and v1.6.


so if anybody knows how to solve the /img/p folder problem so that we can also use the multiple folder structure for that,let me know.

I'm willing to pay ofcourse.


hope to hear something back.



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