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Google Shopping Products being disapproved - to many redirects


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My products have been disapproved on google shopping because:
1) The products are getting disapproved because of Google not being able to crawl the landing pages of the products. 

2) The landing page may be working when opened manually but due to a lot of redirects on my website Google is not able to crawl the pages. 
I have forced SSL on my site, would that have something to do with all the redirects?
Anyone know what I can do so Google doesn't disapprove my products?
Example of 1 of my products (you can see some have https and the link is http):
<title><![CDATA[Product Name - Category Name]]></title>
<description><![CDATA[The description is here....]]></description>
<g:product_type><![CDATA[Products Hardware Blocks Big Boat Blocks]]></g:product_type>
<g:google_product_category><![CDATA[Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Watercraft Parts & Accessories > Sailboat Parts]]></g:google_product_category>
...........etc, etc, etc,
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I also changed all links in the xml file for google products upload file to https. I also changed the robot.txt link of my domain to have https. Anyone know what else I can do to let google crawl my page and minimize redirects?




'Data Quality' in google merchant center says 100% of my products:

-Product pages cannot be accessed

-Automatic item updates: Missing schema.org microdata price information

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