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New custom controller access denied


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I have not created any menu. It is just a link with my new controller link {$link->getAdminLink('AdminCustomOrders')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}


I need to use some of the functionality of existing order controller. So I have copied AdminOrdersController controller  and pasted in override folder with name changed to AdminCustomOrders and class name also I have changed to AdminCustomordersControllerCore. 


So the code is same as orders controller. Now it shows me access denied. 


I can give view access by putting new function in the controller, like below.

public function viewAccess($disable = false)
		return true;		

But now the problem occurs with edit,delete or some other access. And I can not give permission through Administration -> Permission because my controller is not appearing there.


So is there a good fix for it?

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You have to add it as a Tab.


This is how I'm doing this (in the install part of a module):

		$tab = new Tab();
		$tab->active = 1;
		$languages = Language::getLanguages(false);
		if (is_array($languages))
			foreach ($languages as $language)
				$tab->name[$language['id_lang']] = 'Custom Orders';

		$tab->class_name = 'AdminCustomOrders';
		$tab->module = $this->name;
		$tab->id_parent = - 1;
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