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Not sure if this is in in the correct fourm.


I am having issues with Enabling the SSL in the BO.


Running v1.4.6.2 and the SSL is all good on the hosting side. Ive tried BO > Preferences > Enable SSL


Currently showing "Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL


Need to get it activated to use the Stripe (Reloaded) Payment Module.


Thanks in advance for any help / suggestions!


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execute the following commands from within phpmyadmin


The is will enable the setting directly in the database

UPDATE `ps_configuration` SET `value` = '1' WHERE `name` = 'PS_SSL_ENABLED'

This will disable the setting in case you run into issues

UPDATE `ps_configuration` SET `value` = '0' WHERE `name` = 'PS_SSL_ENABLED'


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Tried lots of various things after lots of searching, and none were successful.


Stumbled across this and following on from that; this - it seemed like a logically solution; I updated the Classes > Tools.php, however there doesnt seem to be a "controllers/admin/AdminLoginController.php" in version 1.4


Anyone know what the similar solution would be for 1.4 from the solution from 1.5 above would be?



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