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[Official] Evolution _ Opportunity to sell on multiple eBay marketplace


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Hello everybody, 


The new version of the eBay module for PrestaShop offers a new profile management system : you can now add multiple profiles and list your products on various eBay sites, such as : France, Belgium, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


This new feature, can help you to increase your sales and expand business internationally.


How to start:


1. eBay account:

You just need to create a professional eBay account in your country, if you do not have it already, and open an eBay Store. There are two level of eBay Stores (Anchore and Premium) that will allow you to sell internationally. With these stores you will also benefit from free, or reduced, insertion fees on the international eBay sites.


For more informations, please visit eBay fees pages in your country:

eBay.at | befr.eBay.be | benl.eBay.be | eBay.ch | eBay.de | eBay.es | eBay.fr | eBay.co.uk | eBay.it | eBay.pl |eBay.nl


2. Module configuration:

To configure the module, you will need to:

Connect and link  your PrestaShop => your eBay Store

As in previous versions you can connect with the following:

  • your eBay ID

  • the name of your eBay store

  • the location of the eBay platform: chose the eBay platform where you want to list your products.

  • when listing on eBya platform you have chosen, the module will send the language of your PrestaShop to the eBay site.

We recommend to add to Prestashop languages of eBay plateforms on wich you want to synchronize your products.

Example: If you want to sync your products on eBay.it, you need your product descriptions in Italian. In order to edit Italian product description, you need first to add to Prestashop the Italian language (see tab “Localization > Languages”).


Warning: Don't forget national carrier is mandatory by profil, so you will need to set up a national carrier even if you ship from abroad.

Example: You are based in france , you setup a profile for eBay.it, you must configure at least one Italian national carrier.

202 ecommerce

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I am very sorry, but we don't support ebay.in at this time. The eBay marketplace module is free for merchant, and funded by eBay Europe. If you have any contact with eBay IN, send me a private message and we will try to extend our coverage.


The serious (not free) alternative to our module is http://prestabay.involic.com/

You should check if they support ebay.in



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The Ebay module for India is not working due to the payment type which is by default paypal for all other sites but paisapay for India. If this module can add more payment options by calling available payment options from ebay and make use to select it, it will work for India. Otherwise all other features and process is same as Ebay india follows same API used by other Ebay sites. 

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