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My host is Closing Down, need server migration (VPS) / Reasonable costs?


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My host is Closing Down, so I need to migrate to a new host (VPS)!

I don't do the technical stuff my selves, so I need to hire someone for this.


Less than a hundred pages / 50 large downloadable products / Total website space 65Gb.

How much time does this takes for an expert and what is a reasonable price to pay for this?

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Choose DO, and post a job in freelancer.

You'll get cheap offer from 3rd countries like India. India have plenty IT experts in freelancer.

Expect between $25 - $30 just to setup VPS ready for Presta (Apache + PHP + MySQL + Firewall).


You shall install the PS and db by yourself. If you wanna the freelancer do that, you can expect about $50 - $70 final fee.

if PS is upgraded as well, fee will raise ($60 - $100).


If, you wanna memcache installed as well, you may need additional $30 - $40.

Coz memcache in PS is not properly coded. Or you can choose 3rd party module.

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Hey Robert,


Have you found a solution to your problem? If yes, could you explain how you did please? It will maybe help other mambers.


Could you also edit the title of your topic and include [solved] before the title? Thanks a lot.

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