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PS 1.6 Categories Disappear in Backoffice

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Hi all!


I have this strange problem. I imported categories via CSV, then opened Categories page in back office - no records found. I thought maybe its bug with PS1.6, so updated it to latest - the same. I thought maybe problem with CSV, so added category manually - suddenly all previous categories have appeared. Good, I thought, presssed Category page again - and again 0 categories. In addition, in front-office they are not showing in category block, but are showing in theme-custom category module, but clicking leades to 404.


Anyway to add category please?


Thanks !


P.S. Cached is disabled. Friendly URLs also. Smarty set to recompile.

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Hi, prerana and ricky!


Well, since I've tried upgrading and downgrading, installing from scratch, reinstalling, cleaning everything, starting over, I finally gave up - after all, I can't let my client's project idle because there is no solution to such trivial problem.


I went on with more familiar to me Wordpress with WooCommerce plugin. Actually, it misses some features, like swatches, good import plugins and stuff, yet, it all can be solved with either 3rd party plugins or 1 day of programming. Basically, I will not advise Prestashop to anyone nor use it with anything, until it matures up.


Just FYI, I like Prestashop, it has lot of potential, like Linux systems for desktop user, but if such trivial problem as adding categories puts you to the wall, there is no point in whole system at all. Solution should be easy to handle, otherwise, its a loss of time.




I have exactly the same problem! Is there any solution to this? 

I dint have any problem of uploading categories while I had single store. 

Prestashop experts, please help!




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