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HI all,


I'm a newbie at Prestashop. I've been trying to move the Top Menu to a new div I wanted to create because of design purposes. For that, I understand I need a new hook. I've been looking online and all the tutorials seem to be missing a piece or it's for 1.5. It's confusing as hell and in the 4 hours of struggle, I could not make my custom hook work.


1. so I added a new hook in the database ps_hook

name: displayMainMenu


2.  I overwrite my blocktopmenu php in override/classes/module


class BlocktopmenuMainMenu extends Blocktopmenu
public function install()
if (
!parent::install() ||
return false;
return true;
 public function hookDisplayMainMenu($params)
        return $this->hookMainMenu($params);



3. I overwrite my Front Controller php  in override/controllers/front


class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore
    public function initContent()
            'HOOK_MAIN_MENU', Hook::exec('displayMainMenu')


4. I add the hook to my header.tpl

<div id="main-menu">

The back office shows my new hook but it won't transplant the menu to it. So I tested the code in core file and it transplants it successfully but the menu doesn't show up in the front office. I want to do it properly so overwriting, so if I do that, it won't transplant AND it won't show up.
What am I doing wrong or can somebody point me to a good tutorial that isn't chaotic and confusing?

Thanks in advance.
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