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Netherlands - Taxes


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B2C within EU, taxes are charged
B2C outside EU Tax Exempt, but the government may do difficult about it, They warned me that to always charge taxes to private people. :-S

B2B inside NL Taxes charged
B2B within EU (except NL) no taxes, intracommunautaire transaction
B2B Outside the EU No Taxes

Shipping to all countries in the world, taxes have to be charged. Even when tax exempt.

This is how i have figured it out some years ago, please correct me when i'm wrong.

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Hi Matthieu,

Low tax rate is 6% over here, mainly for food.
High tax rate is 19%

Vouchers are 0% till actual sale is happening. Then if they redeem the voucher, tax is charged over the goods they buy.

Shipping is charged with 19%, as they see it as a sale. (government tax people.)
Handeling, i am not sure about, but seems logic that they see it as sale, so they will charge 19%.

The invoice should show besides the data which is on it now, the date of order.
The invoices have to be following numbers, for that i have changed the order invoice proccess sothat no invoice is made automaticly. As sometimes a customer who choosed banktransfer "forgets" to make the transfer.
Now, when i change the order status to Preperation in Progress, the invoice gets created.

If there are more things that you want to know, just tell me and i'll try to find out.



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Please bare in mind that currently the tax display in the invoice is wrong when using a discount! Currently the invoice shows the detailed tax calculation based on the original price, however, when using a discount the tax needs to be calculated based on the "new" price.

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Can anyone explain to me what the meaning is of the following attributes in ps_orders:

- total_paid

- total_products

- total_products_wt


In our data these attributes per order are different.


Also it is not clear to me how to get the netto price of an order and the taxes (2 rates) per order.


Martin Mesch

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Be aware that in Holland you have to apply taxes to the shipping costs based on the products you sell.


So if the products that are sold have a 6% VAT, you should apply 6% VAT to the shipping costs. If there are products with a higher VAT in the shopping basket (21%) you should apply 21% VAT to the shipping costs.

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