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  1. I'm looking into a wired issue where the cache of both menus are growing rapidly.. in a few days 25gb of cache. anyone has seen this before, or are there any menu bugs? public_html/store.url/cache/smarty/cache/blockcategories/0/1/6/6/2/13/1/219/6/49/61/5c for example, is in my view a deep category structure. Shop is running with PS Thanks in advanced.
  2. http://eolia.o2switch.net/eolia/Modules_Prestashop/Prestashop15-16/module-printshippinglabel
  3. Here is a nice example what a host can do.. Just moved a website from one host (terrible serverload but with ssd drives) to a good hosting package with low serverload..
  4. Did you smush the images? in my opinion you should get the pagesize under 1mb, pageloadtime under 5 sec. request are very high. which version of PS?
  5. Sorry to interupt, but: Page load time: 37.41s Total page size: 4.80MB Total number of requests: 222 I think you should work on that.. a better host or settings may be more efficient..
  6. Yes, always zip it.. going much quicker then ftp one for one.. with the 60gb i deleted all subformats, and regenerated the main images after the transfer.. (not with the standard PS regeneration function, but with an ajax version module.. so it kept running, instead of running into server time limitations) Nice to hear it worked out for you..
  7. Huge? i recently moved a store with 60 gb of data, mainly images. If you are on a cpanel server the fileuploader works quite well, without upload limitation.. If you throw it up as a zip, you can extract it afterwards. There is an ajax thumbs generator module paid somewhere sambdha i believe, it was my lifesaver with it. Good luck..
  8. hmm, i do not remember it exactly, but i believe it was 5000? The loadtime on a quality VPS with 4gb mem and two owned cpu cores was not enough..
  9. as far as i've noticed, it's more a question how many categories. Further it also depends on hosting. You will not likely get good results on shared hosting.
  10. http://www.prestatoolbox.com/administrative-tools/53-regenerate-thumbnails-without-constraints.html this module uses ajax.. helped me out once on a shop with 10gig of images.
  11. http://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/cms-on-homepage.html
  12. You can make different memberships, and limit them to countries with an additional paid module. Then you can assign products to an country (ip range). If the product is not assigned to a country, it will not show it.
  13. same issue here Server software version: Apache/2 PHP version: 5.4.12 Memory limit: 256M Max execution time: 600 Database informationMySQL version: 5.5.30 MySQL engine: InnoDB
  14. http://ek-si.net/ has one, and storemanager has a build in pos option. (storemanager runs local on windows)
  15. Hello, Are there some who run 1.5 with over 5000 categories, up to 4 levels deep? I upgraded a store from to and really found a speed issue. After tweaking it went down from 14 to 7 seconds loading, but still not acceptable speed. It's running on a 3gb mem vps with 2 cores and caching enabled. The store should go up to around 10-15.000 categories, but i'm currious if anyone has it running with acceptable speed. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks. Marco
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